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Denver Child Custody Modification Lawyers

One of the main responsibilities of parenting is to provide a safe and stable home for children. Parents who use or abuse drugs put themselves in an altered mental state where judgments can get blurred, priorities skewed and inhibitions lowered. All of these things can put a vulnerable child at risk of physical and/or psychological harm. At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, our Colorado lawyers take every possible step to protect the children of parents with substance abuse issues.

Drug And Alcohol Use Can Derail A Parent’s Rights

Both parents of a child/children have rights of parental responsibility and/or visitation in a custody negotiation. But there are some things that can chip away at those rights, or even dissolve them altogether: drug or alcohol abuse is one of those things. That’s because substance abuse is considered a red flag that brings into question that ability of a person to be a fit and trustworthy parent.

Parents Face Tough Consequences For Substance Abuse

If a parent is found to be engaging in substance abuse, he or she can face severe consequences. Parents with known substance abuse problems are also required to be supervised during visits with their children, and may be required to submit to random drug and alcohol tests. If a parent fails such a test, he or she may lose parenting time rights altogether. In some cases, a parent who has substance abuse issues may even face criminal charges of child abuse. Similarly, DUI charges and even the use of medical marijuana can significantly impact parenting time rights.

Denver Parental Substance Abuse Attorneys

If you have reason to believe that your former spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. Our firm will do everything it possibly can to protect your child. One of the things we can do is seek a modification to existing custody orders that would limit the time the parent in question can spend with the child. We can also make a case that the parent’s visits should be supervised.

In addition to pursuing changes in custody, we can also take action to help families affected by substance abuse to get the therapy they need in order to heal. We are very familiar with the resources available to people affected by substance abuse. Our priority is serving the best interests of children who may be exposed to a household where substance abuse is a concern.

We can provide you or the other parent with the resources and tools to get help, and to do what is best for your child.

Grandparents Can Seek Custody From Unfit Parents

Grandparents can pursue custody of grandchildren if parents are abusing drugs or alcohol. If you are a grandparent and are concerned about the welfare of your grandchildren, our lawyers can inform you of your rights as a grandparent.

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