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Denver Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers

Extending Rights To Extended Family

Grandparents are often an integral part of a child’s life, providing an important relationship for children that is different from the one children have with parents. From a legal perspective, however, grandparents’ rights are secondary to the rights of the parents. Therefore, when a grandparent comes to us seeking help gaining more access to a grandchild, we make sure to communicate the evidence required to make a successful argument.

Grandparents Can Seek Visitation Or Custody

There are many situations that may prompt grandparents to seek a lawyer’s help in securing visitation with their grandchildren. For example:

  • When the child/children are living with a third party who is not a parent
  • When parents get divorced and remarried
  • When parents who may be unfit have denied grandparents access to the grandchildren

In some cases, grandparents can even pursue and obtain custody of their grandchildren, although to do so, they bear the burden of proof that the parents are unfit to provide the necessary safety, security and care that children require. This is not always easy to do, as parents have primary rights over grandparents in questions of custody. In other words, in cases of grandparents’ rights, the playing field is not even, and favors parents. That doesn’t mean you should give up, however, if you’re a grandparent who believes you may have a valid claim for visitation or custody.

At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, our experienced family law attorneys are dedicated to advancing grandparents’ rights and ensuring that our clients enjoy meaningful time with their grandchildren.

Collecting Evidence To Build Your Case

Grandparents have a statutory right to have visitation with their grandchildren. To obtain visitation rights, it is necessary to show that it is in the grandchildren’s best interests for the grandparents to have regular visitation rights with them. Our attorneys will file the appropriate motions and take the necessary steps to secure visitation rights for our clients who are grandparents.

Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren because parents are unwilling or unable to care for their children themselves, for example, because of:

When our attorneys represent grandparents in a family law context, we prepare diligently to create the strongest possible case to show that either:

  • A child/children would benefit from visits from his or her grandparent.
  • The child’s safety would be threatened by staying in the home with parents who are unable to provide a nurturing environment.

If you are a grandparent who is serving as a child’s primary caregiver, we will take the steps necessary to give you all of the rights that a parent has with his or her child.

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