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Co-parenting requires cooperation in front of the children

Kids don't deserve to have a bad life just because their parents divorce. Instead, they should be able to count on their parents to work together for their good. One way that parents do this is through co-parenting. When you make the decision to co-parent, you have to keep your focus on the children.

There are many things that you can do to make the situation easier on everyone. One of the most important is to continue to encourage your children to have a relationship with your ex and that side of the family. The children shouldn't ever think that they have to choose one side or the other.

Allegations of abuse make child custody cases difficult

Domestic violence is a tragedy, especially when children are involved. The situation becomes a challenge because there is a chance that the kids never experienced the abusive behavior. When this occurs, the court has to decide whether the child should still have a relationship with the parent who was allegedly abusive. We know that this is hard on both parents, but the child's safety has to be the priority.

One option that the court might use in these cases is supervised visitation. This enables the children to still spend time with the parent who was accused of abuse, but there is a person standing watch to ensure that the kids aren't being abused. Even though this isn't ideal, it is likely better than not having contact with the parent.

Is your divorce putting your business at risk?

As if divorce is not stressful enough, you are also trying to run a business during this highly emotional and uncertain time. Additionally, the business itself may be on the line. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to lose their companies to asset division during a divorce.

If you have a prenuptial agreement or an operating agreement that includes your spouse, your business may have the protection of these legal documents. However, this is not a given. Even a prenuptial agreement may not exempt your business from asset division if your spouse participated in the running or financing of the company during your marriage.

Work with your ex to address behavioral issues in children

Some children don't adjust well to the changes that come with divorce. They might not be able to handle the flood of emotions they experience. For some kids, the overwhelming emotions come out as behavioral troubles. In most cases, they aren't trying to misbehave. Instead, they just don't know what to do and can't control their reactions.

It can be especially difficult to determine how to help children who aren't able to relay their needs to you. In these cases, you may have to do some digging to figure out what they need. This might mean talking to them to see what's on their minds. It may also mean keeping track of what's going on around them when they begin to act out. You can ask your ex to do the same, and you can include a plan of action to address these problems in the custody agreement.

Alimony, property division and starting out your new life

Divorce is expensive, especially when you have children. For parents who stayed home to raise the kids, job skills and money might be lacking. This can add financial stress to the divorce, but there are options that might help. You might be able to ask for alimony payments to help support yourself until you are able to get a job that offers financial support. If the children are with you the majority of the time, you might also get child support.

These financial payments are based on many factors. It is imperative that you understand which ones apply to you. We can go over the situation and help you to learn about what might impact your case.

Don't let your divorce disrupt things at the office

No one expects you to get through your divorce without showing some emotion, whether it is sorrow, anger or frustration. However, the last thing you want to do is jeopardize your career or make your coworkers uncomfortable by allowing your divorce to disrupt the flow of work at the office.

It is true that the nuts and bolts of a divorce can be overwhelming, and the process itself can be a distraction. Your boss and coworkers may sympathize with you, but their compassion may wear thin if the productivity of the company suffers. There are some steps you can take that may allow you to keep your divorce moving forward without letting it interfere with the smooth operations of your Colorado workplace.

It is possible to remain friends after a divorce

Going through a divorce pits you against your ex, which can lead to more negative feelings than what were present when the process started. It can be difficult to overcome these, but this doesn't mean that it is impossible. If you and your ex will remain friends after the divorce, which might be necessary if you share children, both adults will have to put forth an effort.

One of the top priorities that you have to think about is setting clear boundaries for the new relationship. This has to be based on what you are able to handle after the marriage is over. At a minimum, you should set a clear standard for mutual respect. You might also need to make clear plans for how new significant others will be introduced to the children and what role they will have in the children's life.

Adopting an older child is challenging but worth the effort

Many people think of adoptions as only pertaining to babies, but there are older children who also need a family to love them. These adoptions come with some challenges that you must be prepared for if you are thinking about bringing an older child into your home. We know that you are probably ready to get the process moving forward, so think about how you will cope with the challenges.

One thing that can occur is that the child might be skeptical that you are willing to love them. They might have been moved around a lot, so they may have trouble accepting the fact that anyone will be there for them forever even though you are adopting them. This can be heartbreaking, but you have to be willing to put your heart on the line to show them that they are worthy of love and that your love is unconditional.

Why could your driver's license be suspended?

Like other states, driving here in Colorado is not a right. The law considers your driver's license a privilege. As such, every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you are doing so at the leisure of the state. What does this mean for you?

If you engage in certain activities, both on and off the road, the state could take your license away for a predetermined amount of time. Knowing what actions could result in the suspension of your driver's license could help you avoid them and, as a result, keep your driver's license.

Let kids know they aren't the cause for your divorce

Children who have to live through their parent's divorce might find it hard to cope with what is going on. Some might wonder whether their parents splitting up is their fault. The little ones might think that they did something bad that made it happen. The older ones might assume that their behavior or performance in school has a part in the adult calling it quits. One of the most important things that you can do in these cases is to reassure the children that they didn't play a part in your divorce. You might have to do this multiple times, so be ready when you notice it is needed.

It is also possible that kids will think that your divorce means they won't be able to spend time with one parent. This isn't something that you can talk them through, but making sure both parents are able to spend time with them can be beneficial. You should be sure that you keep up your end of the parenting agreement so that the children know they can count on you.

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