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Support payments are included in many divorce cases

Thinking about the money when you are divorcing isn't always easy. You have to consider what the court might say about support payments. There are two types that you might encounter. One is child support and the other is spousal support.

Child support payments are determined by a formula that is set by the court. There are other aspects that you might have to work out with your ex that are necessary in addition to the court-ordered regular payments. These have to do with things like uninsured medical bills and school supply costs. Determine how these will be handled now to take away the potential stress later.

You may relate to one or more issues that often lead to divorce

Chances are that several of your Colorado neighbors are married. If you were to talk to them about their relationships in comparison to your own, you'd likely determine that no two marriages are exactly the same. However, you'd also probably find that one or more of the people you speak with can relate to one another because of shared experiences or similar issues in their relationships.

Marriage can be really tough and, sometimes, spouses ultimately decide that they no longer wish to stay together. If that has recently happened in your relationship, there may have been multiple issues that prompted your decision. Emotions can be all over the place during divorce. It's definitely a time when it helps to have a strong support system in place.

Protect your finances and privacy during divorce

Going through a divorce is a stressful time. People cope with this in different ways, but you must make sure that what you're doing is in your best interests. This isn't always easy to do since you are likely emotionally raw. One area that you should be sure you think about is your finances.

Some people are open and honest about the divorce. This is fine, as long as you are controlling what information is shared. If you are going through a high-asset divorce, be very careful with what you share. You don't need strangers trying to come after you just because they think you will have a large settlement.

Back to school might mean child custody changes are necessary

There are many things that parents have to deal with when back-to-school season starts. Buying school supplies, figuring out schedules and handling the kids' anxiety jitters are some of these. When you and your child's other parent are divorced, there can be additional complexities added to an already stressful situation.

One thing that you can do to make this transition easier is to check the child custody agreement. Many have outlines that cover which parent is going to pay what expenses for the child's education. If this isn't included in your parenting agreement, it might be best for you and your ex to discuss the matter so that you can find out who is going to pay for what.

Special needs children and divorce: A challenging intersection

Parenting a special needs child isn't easy, even in the best of circumstances. The scope of the child's needs can directly impact the difficulty of the parenting situation. For parents who are going through a divorce, making plans for child custody of a special needs child can be a real challenge.

There are several things that must be considered in these cases. First, you need to determine what is realistic. If the child requires considerable equipment to function on a daily basis, having him or her go from Mom's house to Dad's home might not be possible. The logistics of transportation alone might be very difficult. Instead, you might need to use the bird's nest style of parenting.

Fathers who divorce will want to keep these things in mind

Many Colorado fathers will be among those throughout the nation who divorce this year. Whether a dad has one child or several, when a marriage ends, it impacts everyone in the family, especially the kids. If you're one of these Colorado fathers, you'll be glad to know there are strong support systems already in place to help families like yours cope with divorce and move on in life in as healthy a manner as possible.  

Divorced dads should keep several issues in mind. For instance, it's good to know that the court typically believes that children fare better in divorce when they are able to maintain a sense of normalcy, structure and routine. In addition, your parent/child relationships may strengthen if you put forth a concentrated effort to spend a lot of time at home with your kids. If you don't have custody, you'll still want to reside a close distance from them, if possible.  

Unmarried parents still need to work out custody details

When people think of child custody, they might automatically think about married parents who are going through a divorce. While that is one situation in these cases, another is that two parents who weren't married split up. This still requires that they have a custody plan for the kids in place.

We know that there are some unique challenges that come with this situation. One of these is that you can call it quits without having to worry about going through a divorce. This might make it a little easier, but you will still have some work to do.

Kids take their cues from parents in divorce

Parenthood involves tremendous amounts of responsibility and obligation; yet, many Colorado parents and others still say it is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Certain situations may challenge you more than others, such as navigating your children's toddler years or, perhaps even more, their lives as teenagers. If, at some point, you divorce, you may feel like you're dealing with a thousand different emotions at once.  

Like most good parents, your highest priority is your children's best interests, and helping them come to terms with the situation and adapt to a new lifestyle. It's critical that you understand how much your own attitude and behavior impacts your kids and influences their ability to cope. You can take comfort in knowing that support is available, especially if a particular situation turns into a legal problem. 

What steps are required for the dissolution of your marriage?

You are finally going through with your divorce, and you couldn't be more relieved at the thought of it. At the same time, you feel apprehensive about going through the process. After all, you have never been through it before.

The divorce process is multifaceted and can therefore can seem overwhelming to navigate. To make things a little easier, here is a glimpse at what the marital breakup process entails step by step in Colorado.

Hostage situation results in domestic violence, other charges

Domestic violence cases can run the gamut from non-physical abuse to fatalities. There are many causes and outcomes of domestic violence. One recent case in Pueblo West involves one of the more dangerous outcomes.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at a home on Sunday evening after receiving a report of a man holding his children and wife hostage. The woman and her three children were held captive in a bedroom. The man was armed and in the living room.

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