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Think about these tips when going through divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a difficult situation that most people who are divorcing have to go through. During this process, you and your ex will determine who is going to keep which assets and debts. Other decisions, such as those related to child custody, will also come up. It is imperative that you think carefully about the process so that you can determine how you are going to handle everything.

The mediation process isn't going to be a fast ordeal. There will be some negotiations that have to go on before you will be able to hash everything out. Remember that you shouldn't try to rush things here. Instead, be willing to stop and consider what is going on. Trying to rush might lead you to make decisions you really aren't comfortable with.

Divorce can be a big deal for your small business

Small business owners in Colorado know that major life events can have a major impact on their company. When you own your own business, your personal life and your professional life often overlap. A divorce will certainly impact your closely held assets, including your business, and you may find it beneficial to learn how you can protect the company you worked so hard to build.

There are various factors that could affect what will happen to your business after divorce. From the length of the marriage to when you started your company, the impact that the end of your marriage will have on your business depends largely on the details of your individual case. You have the right to protect yourself and your interests as you work for a reasonable outcome to your property division concerns.

Working through child custody matters with your ex

Your children are precious to you and their other parent. This is one of the primary reasons why child custody matters are so difficult to deal with when you and your ex split up. We can help you learn about the options that you have for addressing the custody matters that come up in your case.

One thing that parents might not think about right away is how many types of custody schedules they need to make. You might be so fixated on the one that you will use the most, but you do have others that you have to think about.

  • What is going to happen when there isn't school?
  • How are vacations going to be handled?
  • What will happen when there is a half day at school?
  • What are the plans for holidays and special events?
  • What happens if one parent needs to change the schedule?

Adopted children might need extra support during divorce

You should treat adopted children in the same way that you treat biological children. This includes your actions when you are going through a child custody matter. You shouldn't do anything that will make the adopted children feel like they are unloved or unwanted.

There are some special considerations that you have to think about when you are going through this situation. One important point is that the adopted child might have to get some extra support during the process. This isn't always the case, but it might be necessary if the child is old enough to remember the time in foster care or the adoption.

Ending a marriage is almost always an emotional time

The end of a marriage is a troubling time for many people. Even if you knew it was coming, finding out that a petition was filed is often difficult to accept. We know that you only want to walk away with what is rightfully yours. While we can't promise that this is going to be an easy process, we can offer to explain your options to you and help you move the divorce through the process toward finalization.

There are several things that you need to think about when you are getting a divorce. One is that you have to separate the emotional side of the divorce from the practical side. This means that you need to think clearly about your goals for the property division and child custody points without trying to do things just because they might hurt your ex.

The right defense strategy when facing white collar crime charges

If you are facing criminal charges on either a state or federal level, you may know there is a lot at stake. From your personal freedom to your future opportunities, a conviction will have a long-reaching effect on your personal and professional life. Fighting back is critical for your interests, but it is especially so when facing federal white collar crime charges. 

Colorado readers know white collar crimes are serious, even though they are not violent crimes. The penalties for a conviction of these types of crimes are steep, and you would be wise not to underestimate the gravity of your situation. However, a conviction is never your only option, and you have the right to present evidence for your defense and confront the case against you.

Brush up on tips for going through a divorce

When you are going through a divorce, you need to make sure that you are doing all you can to avoid anything negative that could harm your case. It is often difficult to think about what all you need to do when you are going through the process. Brushing up on what you should and shouldn't do can help you out tremendously.

One of the most important things to remember is that the details of your divorce don't belong on social media. In fact, staying quiet on social media might be the best course to take. You never know what your ex is going to see that might lead to negative impacts on the divorce. This could be anything from seeing a picture that makes it seem like you are hiding assets to a status that might be misconstrued when it is read.

Child custody matters must put the children first

Child custody matters are usually either very easy to deal with or very difficult, depending on how well you and your ex can get along and work together during the process. If both parents can cooperate and arrive at an agreement for the custody during the divorce process, the future will likely be a bit easier.

You might realize that it isn't very easy to deal with your ex on these matters. You have to try to separate the marital issues from the child custody issues so that you can figure out where to go from here. The child's best interests are what you need to think about when you are working through custody matters. This might make it easier for you to deal with the decisions that you have to make.

Sole custody rare in Colorado

Like most Colorado parents, you and your children have good days and bad days. In fact, sometimes one or the other extends into weeks or months, depending on your current circumstances. When you told your kids you were getting divorced, you worried you'd be in for more of the latter; however, you were determined to do your best to let your kids know you love them and would be there to help them adjust to a new lifestyle.

What you were most worried about was child custody issues as your spouse made it clear you'd be in for a fight. While you wish you could simply get together and draft an agreeable parenting plan, you also don't want to get the short end of the stick concerning custody and support-related issues. If you know how to protect your rights and your children's best interests and understand Colorado custody regulations, you can be confident that your ultimate outcome will be successful.

Can I get more than the standard child support amount?

You are getting ready to go through the divorce process in Colorado. After looking at all the information, you can find you have some concerns, particularly about how much child support you can get. Your spouse has a significant income, and your children have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and participate in a lot of extracurriculars that you will not be able to afford with just the standard child support amount offered. This leaves you wondering, "Am I entitled to receive more than the standard?"

Every state has a standard calculation for child support. This does not mean that this standard is all you are able to collect. It is possible to ask for more under certain circumstances.

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