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Adjusting retirement plans may be necessary after divorce

When a Colorado couple decides to move forward with divorce, they will have to navigate various changes in almost every area of life. One party may move out, and spouses will have to divide marital property – and that is just the start of the adjustments you may have to make after your divorce. This is especially true if you and your partner are over the age of 50. 

Divorcing later in life will likely require an adjustment to your retirement plans and other things you may have planned for your golden years. Gray divorces, which are divorces involving older spouses, are financially complex, and it is prudent to proceed through this process carefully and thoughtfully. Before you move forward, it is smart to prepare yourself for what is ahead and learn more about how you can protect your rights.

Don't fall into these negative habits in a custody situation

Child custody battles can be difficult to handle. Not only do you have to think about what is best for your children, but you also have to deal with the emotions that come with these situations. There are several ways that you might be able to make the situation easier for you and your children. Making sure that you don't fall into these habits might be beneficial.

Don't change the parenting time schedule. Not only can frequent changes cause stress for the children, but they can also show the court that you aren't really interested in actually parenting your kids. You should also make sure that you show up on time for the child exchanges. Being late can make it seem like you don't care.

A meeting with your ex and kids might benefit everyone

Parents who are going through a divorce often have to deal with children who are asking questions about what happened and what is going to happen. These aren't always easy to answer, and sometimes, there isn't an age-appropriate answer to give. One thing that might help you to cope with these is to sit down with the kids and your ex to have a discussion about what is going on.

There are a few reasons why this might be a good idea. The most important thing here is that your children get the same answers and both parents know what is said. This can create the stability that your children need to move past this change.

How to protect business interests in a Colorado divorce

Like many Colorado entrepreneurs, your company may not be able to compete toe-to-toe with a multi-million dollar corporation; however, you worked hard to bring your dream to fruition and do not want to lose what you've worked so hard to attain. If you're worried about navigating property division proceedings in divorce, there's a lot you can do ahead of time to stay updated on state laws and ensure that you'll be making well-informed decisions.

The best means for protecting your small business in divorce is signing a prenuptial agreement before marriage. Hopefully, you did that, but if not, try not to worry too much as there may still be available options for maintaining separate ownership of your business, especially if you look into postnuptial contracts before filing your divorce petition. The good news is that such contracts take effect as soon as both parties sign them.

Plan carefully if your marriage is nearing the end

Are there subtle signs that your marriage is headed for trouble? Frankly, most people know that they're headed for divorce well before they get there. If you think that your marriage is heading that way, you need to take the time to protect yourself so that you are as prepared as possible.

One thing that you might need to do before the paperwork is filed is to decide on who you will have as your lawyer. You might have one that you and your spouse use for joint family matters -- but that lawyer can't represent both parties in a divorce due to a conflict of interest. Obtaining your own lawyer helps to ensure that your interests are being fully considered and protected.

Think about how to handle pets and children during divorce

Many people think of their pets as their children, but the courts tend to view them as property. This brings up a precarious point when you are going through a divorce. You will have to decide who is going to have the pets. If you have multiple animals, you might be able to divide them between both homes. One thing that might make this more difficult is if you have children.

Your children might be attached to the pets. There is an unusual way that you might be able to handle this situation. If there is only one pet, that animal might remain with the children. The upside to this is that the child doesn't have to say bye to the pet when they leave one home. Plus, both adults will be able to spend time with the animal.

Children should usually spend time with both parents

Your parenting time with your children is precious time that should be used to make memories. The way that you do this should be by finding positive ways that you can nurture your bond with them. This might mean that you stay home and spend quality time together. It can also involve going out to experience fun things. We know that you might think of the time with your children as being limited, but you can make the most of it since you have the child custody schedule.

When you are working out the parenting time schedule for you to have your children, try to remember that each parent should have the kids when they are able to enjoy them. If one parent works odd or unpredictable hours, the arrangement might have to be flexible. This is what might happen to police officers, firefighters, doctors or oil workers.

What most judges consider when making child custody decisions

As a Colorado parent, you know what's best for your children. If you have kids in various age groups, you've likely encountered and risen above numerous challenges as you help them navigate the physical and emotional aspects of each stage in life. Informing your children that you are getting divorced is likely not one of the easiest tasks you'll ever undertake.

If you have a strong support plan and your kids know they can come to you to discuss their feelings at any time, they may be able to cope with the changes in their lives in as healthy a manner as possible. When child custody proceedings begin, the goal is for the ultimate outcome to help them adapt and thrive in their new lifestyle. If your spouse isn't willing to negotiate a fair and agreeable parenting plan, you may be in for one of your biggest challenges yet.

Prepare for all aspects of the legal end of your marriage

Your divorce has a lot of personal considerations. You have to take the time to think carefully about all decisions that come up. Try to look at the circumstances that are present in your case so you can make your choices based on how things will affect you. We know that this might not be easy, but you are the one who needs to consider all the aspects of your case so that you can decide what is best for you.

Throughout the divorce, you must make sure that you protect yourself and guard your emotions. There are many ways that events might impact you. In some cases, the knowledge of a pending divorce might come as a shock. For example, you might feel prepared to have the divorce finalized, but you might feel sad when it actually happens since it signals the legal end of your marriage.

Stability and positive thinking can help children during divorce

Your divorce is a difficult time for your children. They might internalize the matters that are going on right now. As the parent, you have to determine how you might be able to help them through this. One of the most important things to do is to remind them that they aren't the cause of the divorce. No matter what happened that led to the divorce, you can't try to push the blame off on the children.

For many children, the negativity of their parents starts to infect them. This is a tragic situation because the kids might miss the beauty of the fresh start. This is an area that you and your ex might be able to help the children.

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