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These factors might mean that your divorce takes longer

A divorce isn't a quick process, so people who are planning on filing for one need to be ready to stick out the process for the long haul. There are several things that you can count on to draw the divorce process out at least a little bit.

One factor that will impact the speed of your divorce is the mandatory 90-day waiting period before the court can enter the divorce decree. This means that you will have to wait at least that long from the date the petition is filed, even if you don't have another issue present.

Child-related issues in divorce: Who decides?

You love your children. Like most Colorado parents, you want what's best for them even if it means you must make some sort of personal sacrifice to provide it. For instance, if your child is struggling in math class and really needs tutorial help to make the grade, you may take on extra hours at work to cover the cost of a tutor. When you told you kids you were getting divorced, you knew there'd be more sacrifices in your future.

You also knew you'd have to meet with the other parent involved to negotiate a new parenting plan. This worries you because the two of you rarely see eye-to-eye, which is part of what led to your divorce in the first place. A key factor in successful child custody negotiations is to know your rights and research state laws ahead of time. It also helps if you understand the process the court uses to make decisions regarding such matters so you know what to expect during proceedings.

Accused of intending to distribute illegal drugs? You have rights

Based on federal law, possessing an illegal drug and intending to distribute it is against the law. Therefore, if authorities accuse you of possession with the intent to distribute, you can face fines as well as time behind bars if convicted.

However, a mere charge of this type of crime does not mean you did it in the eyes of Lady Justice. Prosecutors have to prove you were intending to distribute drugs before a conviction can occur in the state of Colorado.

Place your child's needs first when you work with your ex

Child custody cases often come along with a divorce, but this isn't the only time that these cases come up. Some child custody cases come when a child's parents aren't married but choose to break up a relationship. They can also come when those parents never had a formal relationship. In all of these cases, the children must remain the focus of the case.

Coming up with a parenting plan is a crucial step in the child custody process. Ideally, the mother and father can work as a team for the child's sake to come up with a plan that puts the child's needs first. This can help the child to thrive now and it sets a good example for the kid down the road.

Get ready for a year of firsts after a divorce

The first year after a divorce is one that is full of new experiences for you. Some of these will be fun times, but there are some firsts that many people don't speak about. Knowing what to expect might help you when you are getting ready to embark on this journey.

One thing that you might not except is that you will miss your ex. Even if you don't get along with your ex, you will miss the thought of having someone there to share things with. You will probably find that you want someone to share meals with. Even going to bed at night might make you wish you had someone to spend the final hours of your nights with.

Take your time reentering the social scene after a divorce

Your social life likely changes quite a bit while you were married and might have suffered during the divorce. You have to reclaim your social life once you are single again. Many people might think this has to include romantic encounters, but this isn't the case.

One of your top priorities when you are rebuilding a social life is trying to find activities you enjoy. Your focus should be on yourself and not just trying to jump into a new relationship. Rebound relationships aren't usually a good idea. With this in mind, you have to take things slowly when you are reentering the social scene.

Seeking access to your grandchildren may benefit you both

Grandparents in many cases play essential roles in children's lives, having relationships with children that are different from the ones the children have with their parents. However, the rights of grandparents come only after the rights of parents from a legal standpoint.

If you are a grandparent and feel that you do not have as much access to your grandchildren as you should in Colorado, it is within your rights to pursue this greater access by seeking visitation or custody.  

Alimony isn't guaranteed and must be handled properly

We recently discussed the fact that everyone needs to think carefully about alimony payments. Not everyone who files for a divorce will have to worry about alimony; however, when a case does make this necessary, you have to be ready to handle the situation properly.

One situation that is usually associated with alimony is when one person voluntarily leaves a career to stay home to care for children. In this case, the person might need alimony payments to help cover his or her life expenses while he or she makes his or her way back into the workforce.

What will your parental role look like after divorce?

Every Colorado parent working through a divorce will have concerns about what will happen to his or her children during and after the process. If you are a parent and you are facing divorce, you likely share these concerns, and you may be wondering what your parental role will look like after everything is final. 

As a parent, you have the right to maintain a strong relationship with your children after divorce. Children thrive when they are able to maintain close ties with both parents and have a measure of continuity of lifestyle. It can be helpful for you to understand the two types of custody and to know what they could mean for your final custody order.

Think carefully about the prospect of alimony

Men and women who have given up on a career to become a stay-at-home parent or homemaker might not know what to do if they find out that a divorce is imminent. Unfortunately, this is something that happens all too often.

Even though you have depended on your spouse for financial support, you might realize that this isn't necessarily going to be the case during and after the divorce. Depending on the factors present in your case, you might be able to file for spousal support.

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