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A Guiding Force In A Trying Time

Raising a family is rarely an easy task, and having a conflict with family members can make it even harder. Even under the best of circumstances, it can be frustrating to find a resolution for family conflicts and challenges by yourself, especially when facing the uncertainties and upheaval involved in a divorce. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you reach an agreement.

At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, we work with families throughout the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area to help clients resolve their family law disagreements. With over 35 years of experience, our attorneys have helped many frustrated people work through the legal system. When you are stressed or panicked about the status of your situation, we encourage you to contact our office.

Resolving Family Law Issues

At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, we try to resolve cases amicably and efficiently. Where that is not possible, however — for example, when the opposing party to a divorce is being unreasonable or stubborn — we do not hesitate to fight aggressively on your behalf in the courtroom. We handle all types of family law concerns, including:

We are here to handle the legal aspects of your concerns because we know you need to focus on coping with emotions and day-to-day matters. When your family is going through a difficult transition, we are here to help represent your concerns and lead you to a fair and sustainable settlement.

Providing Clarity For Traditional And Nontraditional Families

Divorce is at the heart of many family law concerns. But people who were never married in the first place also have rights under the law. When an unmarried couple has children, for example, both parents have rights where those children are concerned, as long as paternity has been established. Grandparents can also establish certain rights of visitation or custody in situations where the parents have substance abuse issues, or are otherwise unfit to parent.

Financial Issues In Family Law

No matter what your financial status may be, issues of money usually come into play in family law conflicts. Whether you are seeking to negotiate spousal support, child support, distribution of assets or a pre- or post-nuptial agreement, these financial issues can cause significant stress for both parties. Negotiations can get particularly thorny or complicated if there is a family business involved, or if the two people divorcing have significant wealth. In cases where an unmarried parent is seeking child support from the other parent, a court will need to establish legal paternity before issuing a child support order.

It’s hard to move forward when your financial future is unclear. At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, we can shepherd you through the legal process, and provide a durable financial framework you can work from as you move into the next phase of your life.

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