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Denver Juvenile Law Lawyers

Mistakes Made In Youth Should Not Haunt Your Whole Life

Young people often feel invincible, or fail to consider the consequences of their actions. At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, our criminal defense lawyers can help prevent a youthful mistake from jeopardizing your child’s future.

Juveniles are treated differently from adults in the legal system. Our attorneys understand the unique processes required when a young person has been charged with a juvenile offense. We protect the confidentiality of our juvenile clients as we would our adult clients, and work with integrity and determination to provide a second chance to those who have been charged.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a juvenile offense, it’s important to seek counsel from a lawyer who understands the legal system and how it deals with young people. At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, we are committed to helping juveniles keep their records clean and get a second chance at a bright future.

Defending Juveniles From An Array Of Charges

When a young person has a record of a criminal offense, it can affect many of the aspects of his or her life, including prospects for future educational or employment opportunities. That’s why it’s particularly important to enlist the help of an experienced juvenile offense attorney if you or a loved one is facing such charges. Our attorneys can defend the rights of young people in Colorado who stand accused of an array of juvenile crimes, such as:

  • Underage drinking
  • Traffic violations
  • Drug possession, including marijuana
  • Shoplifting
  • Truancy
  • Auto theft
  • Vandalism

Our Denver juvenile law attorneys will handle all aspects of the court’s involvement and assist your child in getting the help that he or she needs. We are very familiar with the juvenile criminal justice system, and will work to minimize the impact on your child’s future. We will defend his or her rights to the fullest extent of Colorado law.

Family Law Attorneys With A Perspective Based On Experience

As criminal defense attorneys who also focus on family law, our firm has a greater understanding of the issues and social pressures that cause children to act out. Our understanding of how family dynamics work is very helpful in addressing the needs of a child in trouble with the law. We can connect juveniles and/or families with the resources that will help address the problem that is causing this troublesome behavior. We understand that a punitive approach is not necessarily the best way to deal with juvenile crime. Whether it involves taking classes or seeing a counselor, we can provide guidance to help your child get on the road to rehabilitation and recovery.

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