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Denver Division Of Real Estate Lawyers

Who Gets The House?

Dividing the family home and other real estate during a divorce can be a complicated matter. It is essential to work with a lawyer who not only has significant experience with dividing real property, but who also is adept at determining, with the help of local real estate experts, the fair market value of real estate. At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates, we negotiate the best possible deals while ensuring that the true market value of all real estate is known.

Denver Divorce Property Division Attorneys

Whether you and your former spouse shared a single home, or owned multiple properties in Colorado, throughout the U.S. or abroad, our family law attorneys can provide informed counsel about how best to divide these assets in the context of divorce. We handle the division of all types of real estate assets, including:

  • Homes
  • Rental property
  • Vacation condos
  • Income-producing properties
  • Real estate related to a business

Helping Clients Make Prudent Decisions

It can be easy for either spouse to become attached to a home or other property in a divorce. Real estate can take on emotional significance during a divorce that can sometimes cloud a person’s judgment.

For example, in the current economy, many couples are upside down on their mortgages and paying more than their house is worth. We look out for our clients’ best interests by helping them avoid taking on ill-advised assets. We strive to remain aware of possible issues regarding short sales and foreclosures, and take every possible step to ensure that the divorce does not adversely affect our clients’ credit.

For clients who are looking to minimize their support payments, we create strategies for dividing assets in order to meet this goal. Whatever our clients’ wishes are, we make every effort to successfully pursue them.

Accurate Valuation Of Property Is Essential

When you and your spouse are dividing property, or finding a financial balance by trading other assets for property, you need to know the precise value of your real estate holdings. Our firm works with experts who can assess the value of your home, vacation properties or other real estate investments so you have a clear accounting of the worth of the property to be divided. Once we have an accurate assessment of the value of your property or properties, we can then take the necessary steps to divide these shared properties in a responsible and equitable manner.

Contact The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates

There are many ways that a divorcing couple can choose to divide the real estate assets from their marriage. Our Denver division of real estate attorneys can provide guidance about what options might work best for you, and can help shepherd you through the process of valuing those properties and coming to an agreement about division.

If you have concerns about the division of real estate assets in a divorce, contact our office in Denver, Colorado, at 720-773-5708 as soon as possible. We offer free initial consultations to new clients.