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When Your Marital Estate Includes High-Value Assets

Property division can be challenging in any divorce, especially when assets are complex and the stakes are high. Business owners, heirs managing family fortunes, rural property owners and real estate investors are all examples of clients who rely on The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates to manage their high-asset divorces.

Partially because of the emotional and human sides of a divorce, it is extra important to have a level-headed, skilled family law attorney guide you through all of the necessary processes, including:

  • Inventorying all assets
  • Determining which assets are separate property versus part of the marital estate held in common
  • Arranging for a valuation of businesses and other major assets
  • Devising a strategy to preserve those assets that matter most to you
  • Preparing for a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) for retirement assets

At The Law Offices of Rodger C. Daley and Associates in Denver, you can count on us to help ensure an equitable settlement leaves you with your fair share of what are now marital assets.

Denver Attorneys Offering Guidance Through A High-Asset Divorce

As needed, we will draw on input from business valuation professionals and other experts to help ensure your financial stability beyond your divorce.

Divorce can come at any stage of life. We address the needs of divorcing clients from their 20s through their 80s. Each age group brings unique challenges related to health insurance, division of retirement assets and financial planning for their years ahead. We are confident in our ability to protect your assets during divorce, such as:

  • Hidden assets
  • Stocks, bonds and other investment or retirement assets that may not be liquid for years
  • Cybercurrencies and other nontraditional assets
  • Executive pay structures that may include deferred compensation
  • Funding for your children’s college educations
  • Multiple-generation family assets, such as vacation homes in the Rocky Mountains
  • Protection or division of businesses or professional practices that require complex valuation
  • Taxation challenges

Turn To Our Trusted Family Law Firm When Your Future Is On The Line

Do not despair if your spouse seems to be taking a contentious, adversarial position. Consult with attorneys who will stand by your side while helping you pursue a favorable outcome in your Colorado divorce. If necessary, we are prepared to advocate for you in court with skill and persistence.

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