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December 2013 Archives

Colorado appeals case ruling gives same-sex parents equal rights

Although Colorado has not legalized same-sex marriage, there are many same-sex couples embroiled in a legal battle for child custody. These cases are difficult, to say the least, for not only the parents and children, but for the courts. A recent ruling by the Court of Appeals in Colorado, though, may make it easier for non-biological same-sex parents to gain custody of a child.

Pro hockey players see domestic violence charges dropped

A charge of domestic violence can be life-altering. It can damage one's reputation, affect personal relationships with family and friends, and limit a parent's time with his or her children. Restraining orders and orders of protection are almost always granted in domestic violence cases. These court orders make it illegal for someone charged with domestic violence to have any contact with the victim in the case, which usually means that the defendant must find another place to live.

Should you make your move towards divorce during the holidays?

Most people associate the holiday season with happiness, family, friends and memories. For some, though, the holidays are very stressful, and this can put some rocky marriages over the edge. Should you make your move towards divorce during the holidays?

Tips for blended families and same-sex parenting

Same-sex couples in Denver and across the country can have just as many issues with blending families and parenting as opposite-sex couples. It's difficult to move two families under the same roof, let alone try to figure out where ex-partners figure into the mix. With children, everything is magnified, including how often you must deal with an ex, when and where to meet for picking up children and all those other things that come with blended families and exes.

Jennifer Lopez wants to pay no alimony, but seeks name change

Celebrities are in the unique position of being "household names." An actor's name is often what draws crowds to theaters, even if the movie reviews aren't stellar. A singer's name will sell out a venue, even if his or her latest single isn't quite up to par. When female celebrities get married, many will keep their name because it is so recognizable within the entertainment or sports industries or some other high-profile arena.

Father still seeking custody of daughter after six years

In August, we told you about a father who was seeking custody of his now 6-year-old daughter. The child's mother put her up for adoption after she moved from Colorado to Utah. The father, who was living in Colorado at the time of the girl's birth, had filed a paternity petition with a Colorado court before the child was born. However, he was not aware the mother had moved to Utah. The child was adopted by the mother's brother and sister-in-law.

Questions to think about before filing for divorce

For those thinking about divorce - especially if it is their first divorce - there are probably many questions running through your mind. You may wonder where to find the answers you need. An experienced family law attorney can provide those answers, as well as advice about options you may not have been aware were available.

It can be dangerous to use the Internet for adoptions

A woman places an ad on Craigslist looking for a couple to adopt her child who is not born yet. A childless couple who wants to add a baby to their home responds. The child is adopted and everyone lives happily-ever after. While this might seem like the way such a story should go, that's not often the case. The Internet is being used more and more when it comes to adoptions, but unfortunately, there are many who have found out the hard way that this is not a safe way to handle such a sensitive legal issue.

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