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Tips for blended families and same-sex parenting

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Family Law

Same-sex couples in Denver and across the country can have just as many issues with blending families and parenting as opposite-sex couples. It’s difficult to move two families under the same roof, let alone try to figure out where ex-partners figure into the mix. With children, everything is magnified, including how often you must deal with an ex, when and where to meet for picking up children and all those other things that come with blended families and exes.

There are some things you can do to make co-parenting easier. First, make sure that every parent is included on things like consent and permission forms. As long as there are no security issues, the parents should be able to pick up the kids from school when necessary, seek medical attention and give permission for a school trip. This is something that is often overlooked in blended families, but is important to seamlessly integrating all persons involved.

Second, meet with teachers and other educators. Sometimes there will be issues with same-sex couples and how teachers should refer to the parenting figures, such as “Mom 1 and Mom 2.” While it might seem like a small thing, it is important to the children that their teachers get it right. In addition, the teachers should be aware of when a child has same-sex parents in order to stop problems that the child might have with other students.

Finally, communication is key, as it is with any relationship. Talk through emotional issues around seemingly-innocuous terms like “the mother” or “the father” that can be sensitive for same-sex parents.

If you feel the need to lay out specifics that are legally enforceable when it comes to things like child custody issues with an ex, adoption or similar issues, an experienced family law attorney can provide valuable advice and options.

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