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Jennifer Lopez wants to pay no alimony, but seeks name change

Celebrities are in the unique position of being “household names.” An actor’s name is often what draws crowds to theaters, even if the movie reviews aren’t stellar. A singer’s name will sell out a venue, even if his or her latest single isn’t quite up to par. When female celebrities get married, many will keep their name because it is so recognizable within the entertainment or sports industries or some other high-profile arena.

One very well-known singer and actor, Jennifer Lopez, is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings from another star, Mark Anthony. What some people may not know is that Anthony’s full legal name is Mark Anthony Muniz. Lopez took her soon-to-be ex’s name when the couple married in 2004 even though she was still known to the world as Jennifer Lopez. Now, however, she is petitioning the court to change her name back to Jennifer Lopez.

It may seem strange to some, given that her fans and others know her still as Lopez, but there are legal issues she will deal with when she drops the Muniz name. She will need to do the same as most women who change their name after a divorce, including getting new identification and credit cards. She will also likely need to change her name on insurance policies, wills, trusts or powers of attorney.

Lopez is also seeking physical custody of the couple’s twin children and to have no spousal maintenance awarded to Anthony. The couple separated in 2011, with Anthony filing for divorce in 2012. The reason for the divorce was listed as “irreconcilable difference.”

It’s somehow comforting to know that the decisions faced in a high asset divorce are similar to the ones faced by everyday couples. Family law attorneys in Colorado and around the country can help both men and women fight to get what they deserve in their divorces.

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