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November 2012 Archives

Kardashian divorce continues: potential trial looming

When a divorce is contested it can span many months and even years before a decision and settlement can be reached. For many Coloradans, this process can be incredibly emotional even while working towards an efficient and agreeable divorce is often the goal. A few months ago we discussed the famed Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries divorce and how their split has now far surpassed their marriage length. Well, it would appear that they are not done deliberating yet.

Coloradans: know safe ways to divorce an abusive spouse

Domestic violence rates are getting to be more and more heart-breakingly high, causing many in Colorado and across the nation to pay attention to what the victims of this abuse need. It can be a paralyzing situation for someone to go through, not knowing how to get out or if they will be able to leave their situation. While many divorces do not involve this very serious issue, understanding its complexities and how to go about a divorce when dealing with such abuse could help someone in this very circumstance. One source has a few ideas on how to make the divorce process a little more streamlined on a person who is being domestically abused by their spouse.

Are Colorado's families being split up due to disabilities?

Being a parent is something that many people easily take for granted, regardless of where they are. For those Coloradans who have difficulty becoming parents or staying in their children's lives, there is a new report out that may be of interest regarding disabled parents' rights. The report from the National Council on Disability is making national headlines as it highlights the red tape many disabled parents go through and emboldens the importance of maintaining a family unit even with the difficulty of a disability.

Coloradans: Split-household anxiety around the holidays?

Regardless of age, being a child of divorce can continue to affect you in your family life and other aspects of your own life as well. Colorado couples going through a divorce likely know that it will have a substantial impact on their children however, it is perhaps especially important to be understanding during times of familial tradition, such as the holidays. With the impending marathon that is Thanksgiving, let's take a moment to look at what children of divorced families might be going through this year with their new household dynamics and custody situations.

Co-parenting study could affect divorced Colorado parents

Working with your ex through custody issues may difficult for some Colorado parents, but that doesn't make it any less necessary. The confusing and emotional aspects of divvying up time with your children often sparks heated feelings and can make the process that much more troublesome. For some parents, learning about how other states regard these difficult situations might help to see your options and come to an agreement you're both comfortable with.

Modern Family star Ariel Winter removed from mother's home

With a hearing pending, one child star finds herself in the middle of a family struggle that is splashed on media sites all over the nation. Colorado residents may have heard of Ariel Winter, the younger of two sisters on the hit show Modern Family. While her work life continues to cause joy and laughter for people all across the nation, her home life is doing just the opposite.

Working through a divorce? Coloradans employed and divorcing

Colorado couples going through a divorce have a myriad of issues they're dealing with at once, including several that can't afford for them to be emotionally unstable. While there are times when being busy and working hard can help distract you from the traumatic shift you're dealing with at home, it may not always be so helpful. Some sources are recognizing that working while you are going through a divorce can sometimes have negative effects on both you and your employer.

Russian parents not paying child support face public abasement

Paying child support is often a part of getting a divorce for parents who live in Colorado and elsewhere. Working out an agreement that the non-custodial parent can comply with is a good way to start on the right foot, but sometimes there are cases when one party isn't able to make their contribution to child support. In that instance, unless they are able to come up with it, they could face legal repercussions, especially if the payments are grossly past-due.

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