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Working through a divorce? Coloradans employed and divorcing

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Colorado couples going through a divorce have a myriad of issues they’re dealing with at once, including several that can’t afford for them to be emotionally unstable. While there are times when being busy and working hard can help distract you from the traumatic shift you’re dealing with at home, it may not always be so helpful. Some sources are recognizing that working while you are going through a divorce can sometimes have negative effects on both you and your employer.

Maintaining your job while going through this process brings up many different questions about how your new life will work and how you will go through the transition. Understanding the programs your employer or business offers to divorcing employees is a good place to start. Some establishments have counseling and educational support offered for their staff who are dealing with such an emotional change.

Being open about how much time off you may be granted and the expectation of your hours after the divorce is helpful as well. With your new household situation, things like picking up the kids, taking care of your parents, moving and divorce meetings can cause a lot of unavailable time and notifying your need for this time can help you and your employer to come up with a manageable arrangement. Some sources say that as divorces become more common, transitional help is getting to be provided more frequently and communities are coming to find ways to help a divorcing staff member cope with their new lifestyle.

Understanding that divorces will impact how often and the amount of work you’ll be able to do is something employers and businesses would do well to take into account. While it can last some time, this transition and change might be made simpler with the joint efforts of those who will be affected. Colorado residents who are looking into a divorce can contact an experienced attorney to help with that transition and to know their options when it comes to all that there is to do.

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