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Co-parenting study could affect divorced Colorado parents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2012 | Family Law Issues |

Working with your ex through custody issues may difficult for some Colorado parents, but that doesn’t make it any less necessary. The confusing and emotional aspects of divvying up time with your children often sparks heated feelings and can make the process that much more troublesome. For some parents, learning about how other states regard these difficult situations might help to see your options and come to an agreement you’re both comfortable with.

A new study taking place in another state is diving into the difficulties of parenting time and trying to find a commonly helpful way to work with families who now find themselves co-parenting. This project, titled Parenting Time Opportunities for Children to the 12th power, is based in twelve different counties of the state and will take place over the course of four years. The intention is to observe and work with families who have split up into different households and attempt to create the steps in a split that can lead to environments that are the best they can be for the children involved during the custody process.

One goal the researchers behind this initiative have explained is to make it more common to have parents work out a parenting time order along with the custody and child support ones. Working though all of these tough decisions at once can maybe help the parents involved to understand the greater impact these changes are going to have on their children on a broad scale. There is a focus on the role that noncustodial parents play and especially that which fathers play in these kinds of situations, and particularly fathers who have never been wed.

Colorado residents who are in the unique situation of having never been married to the other parent of your children might like to watch this study as it moves forward, to learn about how other states handle such matters. Working with an attorney to help mediate the family issues such as co-parenting, guardianship, and child support can help you and your ex to make sure you’re all on the same page.

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