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Coloradans: know safe ways to divorce an abusive spouse

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2012 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence rates are getting to be more and more heart-breakingly high, causing many in Colorado and across the nation to pay attention to what the victims of this abuse need. It can be a paralyzing situation for someone to go through, not knowing how to get out or if they will be able to leave their situation. While many divorces do not involve this very serious issue, understanding its complexities and how to go about a divorce when dealing with such abuse could help someone in this very circumstance. One source has a few ideas on how to make the divorce process a little more streamlined on a person who is being domestically abused by their spouse.

One of the many ways in which a spouse can dominate their significant other is financially. Some ways to secure yourself financially and your assets if you are wishing to get out of your relationship involve finding safe places for facsimiles of all important documents and papers where your abusive partner won’t be able to access them. This could me getting your own bank safety deposit box and switching all of your passcodes and even usernames for password-protected accounts to something only you will know.

Another helpful thing to do is to begin to distance yourself from this other person in as many ways as possible. Getting your own credit cards, debit cards, email accounts that they are not entitled to or a part of can help. Contacting an attorney through said email address could be a good solution if you fear your spouse will read through your other account. Should this be a fear of yours, making sure to do each of these things in a location away from your house is also a good idea.

No one should ever have to hide from their significant other out of fear but there is an unfortunate amount of people who do and who have endured terrible abuse. Working with a family law attorney who specializes in this area could help a Colorado resident to get out of this dangerous situation. Understanding your options in terms of divorce and restraining orders and getting yourself ready to leave a relationship where you are being abused are both big steps to take in getting your life back.

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