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October 2011 Archives

Obesity playing larger role in child custody disputes

Obesity rates in children have apparently tripled since 1980. Now, about 17 percent of children and teens in this country are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Experts say that rising number is now playing a role in child custody disputes.

Colorado men unite to combat domestic violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we've brought you posts detailing various events in the state. Now, a group of men in Aspen is taking a stand against domestic violence in an attempt to show it is not merely a "women's issue."

Colorado father seeks child custody of daughter

When parents divorce, one issue that must be resolved is who will have custody of their children. Many different scenarios can be adopted that can allow for both parents to spend time with their children. Once a child custody arrangement is set, it can be modified if a change in circumstances develops and custody arrangements need to be addressed.

Accurate division of property depends on the valuation date

One of the most complicated issues surrounding a divorce is the division of the marital assets. In order to determine the fairest division of properly, the most accurate valuation must be made for each piece of property.

Harassment, burglary caps bitter Colorado divorce dispute

When people divorce, it can get contentious. In extreme situations, a bitter ex-spouse may turn to harassment. Sometimes that can even lead to criminal charges. That happened for an estranged Colorado couple, and the ex-husband was recently convicted for his actions and is facing substantial prison time.

Race, fundraiser help benefit domestic violence victims

It's an unusual fundraiser, but it's becoming a popular one. The "Men in Heels" race, the second annual event, was held recently to benefit victims of domestic violence. The event took place to raise funds and awareness for Hilltop Community Resources' Latimer House, which provides shelter, therapy and advocacy to those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence in Mesa County, Colorado.

'Terminator' star not immune from paying child support

Most people would assume that film actors would not have a problem supplying money to support their children. But that's not always the case. Actor Edward Furlong, for example, who starred in "Terminator 2" among other films, has apparently been accused of failing to make child support payments for the second time in a year.

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