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August 2013 Archives

Getting divorced? Announce it like a celeb!

Most people from Colorado and around the country probably haven't thought about announcing their divorce - or perhaps they have. How many times have you had to repeat the ghastly details because yet another one of your acquaintances hadn't heard about your split? It's not a pleasant time, anyway, but having to rehash it time and time again certainly does not make it any easier. Wouldn't it just be easier to send out an announcement about your divorce and let everyone know at once that this break-up is happening? Isn't there any guidance out there on how to properly tell people that you're going through a divorce?

Denver Nuggets' Tywon Lawson arrested in domestic violence case

Arrests in domestic violence cases do not only occur with ordinary people, but with celebrities and well-known sports figures. On Aug. 17, Tywon Lawson and his girlfriend were both arrested in what the sheriff of Arapahoe County, Colorado, has called a "domestic violence incident."

Sometimes, failing at marriage makes you happier in the long run

A divorce can cause an upheaval in a person's life that is of monumental proportions. In many instances, it changes your life in just about every way imaginable. It not affects the couple, but their children, extended families and friends. Coping with the feelings before, during and after a divorce can be exceedingly difficult, but it does get better - doesn't it? According to one expert, her marriage failing was the first stop to be happiness.

Child custody battle still raging for Colorado dad

A Colorado father is still trying to bring his 5-year-old daughter for a visit to see her grandparents and other members of his family. They waited at the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in anticipation, but when their son walked through the airport gates, he was alone. His family, though, has not given up hope, even though it has been more than five years.

New study shows more siblings may lower likelihood of divorce

The findings of a new study from Ohio State University show that those who grow up in large families have a lower likelihood of divorce than those who have no siblings. This isn't the first study to analyze the relationship of divorce and siblings, but this one used data from the General Social Survey.

Can you be friends with your ex?

After a divorce, the last thing you probably want to do is think about is getting friendly with your ex - at least for most people, anyway. Most divorces simply aren't that amicable. At some point, though, ex-couples find it's just easier to become somewhat friendlier towards an ex-spouse.

Appeal to judge by sperm donor to waive child support

In a case out of Colorado's neighboring state of Kansas, a man has asked a judge in Shawnee County District Court to find that he does not owe child support. The case against the man was filed by the Kansas Department for Children and Families and they want the judge to find that the man is responsible for paying child support for a child born to a lesbian couple in 2009.

School's most basic lessons not just for kids

With summer starting to wind down, schools across the country will be gearing up for the return of children through their doors. Educating your children is so important, but at the same time, it's important for divorced parents - or divorcing parents - to remember to educate themselves on how to get along, too. Divorce is one of the most difficult times in a child's life, but you - as parents - can make it easier. There are special school-related matters for divorced parents that you and your ex may not have thought too much about, but are also important.

Work release for ex-school principal in domestic violence case

A former principal of the Windsor Middle School has been sentenced in a domestic violence case that involved his wife. The defendant pleaded guilty in June to charges of felony menacing. In the state of Colorado, menacing is the criminal charge of knowingly placing someone "in fear of imminent serious bodily injury." The charge becomes a felony when it involves the use of a deadly weapon, but the weapon does not have to be seen.

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