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Getting divorced? Announce it like a celeb!

Most people from Colorado and around the country probably haven’t thought about announcing their divorce – or perhaps they have. How many times have you had to repeat the ghastly details because yet another one of your acquaintances hadn’t heard about your split? It’s not a pleasant time, anyway, but having to rehash it time and time again certainly does not make it any easier. Wouldn’t it just be easier to send out an announcement about your divorce and let everyone know at once that this break-up is happening? Isn’t there any guidance out there on how to properly tell people that you’re going through a divorce?

While most people don’t want to follow the examples set by Hollywood celebrities, one divorcee believes that is perhaps one of the best ways to announce your impending split. Most of the celebrity couples don’t really want negative publicity – the key word is most – and they really do want to have a civilized divorced – at least the appearance of one. Their divorce attorneys will also be working diligently to ensure this happens.

Their public relation’s people work overtime, generating press releases to combat rumors and untruths. The primary announcement about the break-up is usually handled in tandem by the couple’s public relation’s people. There are reasons for this. First, they want to break the news – not have it published in a tabloid. While most ordinary couples don’t have to worry about that happening, they may have the news of their split announced in ways they really didn’t want. This might include a word or two about it by a friend or family member.

Secondly, the celebrity couples avoid speaking much about the split. This allows the fervor to die down about the divorce. Finally, both parties want appear to be amicable, even if that’s not always the case. They want to keep their focus on their children and not who is more to blame about the break-up.

While this may not seem like the ideal solution in every case, perhaps it is one way to handle the news of your divorce. It might be accomplished with an email, with a line included that says a reply is not necessary. You will still run into people who aren’t aware of your divorce proceedings, but this should at least limit the number of times you have to explain why one spouse has changed addresses or a woman has changed her married name back to her maiden name.

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