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Sometimes, failing at marriage makes you happier in the long run

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Divorce

A divorce can cause an upheaval in a person’s life that is of monumental proportions. In many instances, it changes your life in just about every way imaginable. It not affects the couple, but their children, extended families and friends. Coping with the feelings before, during and after a divorce can be exceedingly difficult, but it does get better – doesn’t it? According to one expert, her marriage failing was the first stop to be happiness.

She says the decision to end her marriage was indeed painful, but it taught her how to be happier in many ways. For starters, she said she now realizes she doesn’t always have to right. When she was in marriage counseling, she had to listen to how wrong she had been – about many things. It was hard to hear, but it also helped her open up her mind to other possibilities and opinions. That helps her in many areas of her life now.

She also said that she was terribly worried about disappointing everyone else in her life if her marriage failed, including her extended family, friends and others. There were some that made her out to be a horrible person and others that were disappointed in her; however, she survived it. She realized she would be all right and she could move forward.

She said she was riddled with feelings of shame and guilt because of her decision to ask for a divorce. Once she was able to let go of those feelings – and it took months for those feelings to leave – she became more compassionate towards others and what they might be going through.

Finally, she realized that divorce wasn’t what she really wanted, but it took what she called “falling on your face” to get there. She says she was “grateful for the rebuilding” her and her husband have now come through.

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