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September 2012 Archives

Incriminating Facebook photo ends one man's two marriages

So, we all know the internet can lead to some interesting discoveries, but what if that discovery is about your spouse...and their other marriage? Colorado residents may want to take note of how social media could interfere with relationships or divorces. One man was recently found out via Facebook by one of his wives that he was involved in more than just the one marriage.

New disorder list out: APA says no to "parental alienation"

In the coming publication of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders there are some controversial changes being made. The long-debated issue of parental alienation doesn't make the cut, as it is not explicitly defined as a mental disorder, according to the APA's vice chair. It has been said many times before that children of divorce can go through an emotional time when dealing with such a trauma, and that the interactions they have with their parents throughout can profoundly help or hinder the healing process.

A divorce of Kardashian proportions - how long is too long?

It was the story that America scoffed at last year, but how many people are in similar divorce situations? Celebrity Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries were only married for seventy-two days in 2011, but they are still dealing with the hold-ups nearly a year later. A lengthy divorce can be very emotional for the families and children who are involved, and they can become extremely complex situations. Being clear about the issues you aren't willing to give up and distinguishing those from the other factors that you could compromise on could help move the process along.

Selma Blair in child custody battle: rights for unmarried parents

Figuring out child custody is never an easy feat, but doing it when you and your significant other aren't legally married? A whole different ballgame. Actor Selma Blair has recently been reported to have split from her relationship with designer Jason Bleick, and is now facing the complicated task of deciding who will have what kind of custody regarding their 14-month-old son.

Volunteer training begins for Colorado domestic violence resource center

Domestic violence is a major issue in Colorado, and no one knows that better than the staffers at the San Miguel Resource Center in Telluride. Every year, the center is visited by over two hundred people seeking counseling, legal referrals, and safe housing. Recently, center began training volunteer advocates, hoping to lighten the caseload handled by full time staffers.

Rise in do it yourself divorces may lead to poor representation

Divorce is a difficult process for many couples, so it's understandable that couples are sometimes tempted to complete the process as quickly as possible. Some couples attempt to save time and money by representing themselves in their own divorce proceedings. "Do it yourself" divorces are on the rise in Texas, now accounting for nearly 45% of all divorces.

Ways to stay connected to the kids when school starts

When kids see "back to school" signs at the store, some can't wait to get their hands on fresh pencils and Trapper Keepers, while others might get a sinking feeling in their gut. In either case, starting a new school year can be challenging, and it can be especially so for children of couples who have gone through a divorce recently.

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