Selma Blair in child custody battle: rights for unmarried parents

Figuring out child custody is never an easy feat, but doing it when you and your significant other aren’t legally married? A whole different ballgame. Actor Selma Blair has recently been reported to have split from her relationship with designer Jason Bleick, and is now facing the complicated task of deciding who will have what kind of custody regarding their 14-month-old son.

Knowing the different factors involved in this process can help you get closer to being awarded with a custody status you’re comfortable with. Looking into the state of Colorado’s laws on child custody is an important step to take going into a hearing. Whether you’re an unmarried mother or an unmarried father, you could have certain rights: a paternity test; seeking action to prove fitness as a primary or temporary parent; providing evidence of financial support or having the child as a dependent on your insurance. All of these things will impress upon the judge your dedication your child.

However, it is paramount to know that the actions you take from the moment you and your partner separate can affect a Colorado child custody outcome. It is suspected that Blair and her son have moved into a separate dwelling on their own, leaving the father in this case already seeming to be the secondary parent. Should you be the one living without your child at present, visiting frequently, documentation of support, and staying well-behaved would behoove you until the custody decision has been made.

In the end, custody is hopefully meant to be a decision based on the child or children’s best interests. Reflecting on what you want for your child as they grow up will help keep you focused on what you’re asking for. Having the appropriate documents ready and remaining calm while you discuss child custody matters can help demonstrate your ability to provide for the child’s best interests.

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