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A divorce of Kardashian proportions – how long is too long?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2012 | Divorce

It was the story that America scoffed at last year, but how many people are in similar divorce situations? Celebrity Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries were only married for seventy-two days in 2011, but they are still dealing with the hold-ups nearly a year later. A lengthy divorce can be very emotional for the families and children who are involved, and they can become extremely complex situations. Being clear about the issues you aren’t willing to give up and distinguishing those from the other factors that you could compromise on could help move the process along.

Divorcing families in the state of Colorado can look up their dissolution and divorce laws regarding titles, insurance, spousal and child support, and grounds for filing for divorce. As in the Kardashian/Humphries case, even when a prenuptial is signed and the marriage is requested to be annulled it can continue to interfere with your life long after you might wish it would. Finding commonalities that the two parties might agree on can help, such as custody of children, insurance, home or car ownership and titles — these things might be able to be settled with the help of legal counsel without going to court.

If you do find yourself in a seemingly never-ending divorce process, creating a strategy and finding the right family lawyer could help you sort through the difficulties of divorce proceedings. Keeping in mind the goal of an amicable and productive process can help keep the stress of divorce from becoming overwhelming, also. Even if you’re already a year into the divorce, the key is finding what you can both agree on and moving forward from there.

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