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Incriminating Facebook photo ends one man’s two marriages

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2012 | Divorce

So, we all know the internet can lead to some interesting discoveries, but what if that discovery is about your spouse…and their other marriage? Colorado residents may want to take note of how social media could interfere with relationships or divorces. One man was recently found out via Facebook by one of his wives that he was involved in more than just the one marriage.

The wife in question was reportedly on Facebook when the website suggested more friends to her, one of whom had a picture up of this woman’s husband. He and the mystery woman were in the photo together, in wedding garb and near a wedding cake. The wife then reportedly alerted authorities. Her husband was charged with bigamy, to which he pleaded guilty last week.

In the current day social media is only growing, and it is important to remember that what you put online can be viewed by other people. This man, for instance, is now sentenced to a year of probation for his indiscretion. Yet, even though he is reported to be “embarrassed and remorseful” he no longer has either wife to show for it.

It is important for spouses to be open about their actions during a divorce, but there are times when one may try to hide something from the other. If there is information you suspect your significant other is covering up during the divorce process, seeking out legal counsel could be one way to bring that information to light. Being up front and knowing the laws surrounding marriage and divorce in Colorado and other areas can help you receive a settlement or ruling that you’re comfortable with.

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