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March 2012 Archives

Dennis Rodman over $800,000 behind on child, spousal support

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman and his wife have been on the path of divorce since 2004. They apparently tried for years to reconcile, but their marriage was dissolved several weeks ago.

Study: Cohabitation before marriage doesn't signal divorce

It used to be common knowledge that couples who lived together prior to getting married were more likely to get a divorce. With more and more couples living together before they walk down the aisle, a new study reveals somewhat unsurprising results: Cohabitation prior to marriage is no longer an accurate predictor of divorce, at least for the most part.

For actress, pain of divorce can channel art

As people who have gone though it know, divorce is not always an easy process. When people split up, even if it is amicable, it can be sad and emotionally draining. It can take a while to feel "normal" again, or to know what "normal" is. Some manage to channel what they're feeling into something productive. A character actress known for her movies and TV work is a good example.

Military pensions can get sticky in divorce process

The number of divorces involving members of the military has been increasing in recent years. Divorce rates for the military have risen to 3.7 percent in 2011, compared to 2.6 percent a decade earlier. The divorce rate is also higher than the general population.

Colorado man to serve sentence for 'habitual' domestic violence

Colorado passed a law in 2000 that allows repeat domestic violence offenders to see a felony-level conviction. Now, a Colorado man is the first person in Boulder County who will get a felony-level conviction after repeated misdemeanor domestic violence offenses. His case may actually be the first in the state, but that data isn't available, according to the Colorado State Court Administrator's Office.

Court-ordered Facebook apology raises eyebrows

Over the past few months, we've noted that Facebook has been playing an increasing role in evidence in divorce and child custody cases in Colorado and all over the country. A situation in another state is making headlines because of it its unusual outcome: A man was ordered to apologize to his ex-wife for 30 days - on Facebook - for a rant he had posted on the social networking site.

Actor Kelsey Grammer, ex-wife settle child custody dispute

Celebrity divorces often get a lot of press, which makes it all the more obvious when disputes turn sour. There is a lot to be considered in a divorce involving lots of money and assets, particularly if a couple has children. The seemingly prolonged divorce of actor Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Camille, was no exception.

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