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For actress, pain of divorce can channel art

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2012 | Divorce |

As people who have gone though it know, divorce is not always an easy process. When people split up, even if it is amicable, it can be sad and emotionally draining. It can take a while to feel “normal” again, or to know what “normal” is. Some manage to channel what they’re feeling into something productive. A character actress known for her movies and TV work is a good example.

Rachael Harris, known for appearances in Christopher Guest “mockumentary” movies, as well as a slew of TV appearances and a regular spot on “The Daily Show,” says her new work in a dramatic film was partly inspired by how she felt after her divorce. The actress was married to actor Adam Paul from 2003 to 2008.

Since she was known primarily as a comedienne, it was a change of pace for her to do a film in which she plays a housewife with fertility problems who finds out her very ill husband has an estranged son.

The actress says the pain of her divorce helped her shine in the dramatic part. She says splitting up from her husband was a “huge transition” and that she had conflicting feelings about it, according to a Huffington Post article. She also notes a scene in the film where her character comes back to an empty house that struck a chord with her. It was the kind of relatable experience that could help her find the character.

Not everyone can use a personal experience in this way for their job, but many people are able to learn from experiences as they move forward in the time of a big transition.

Source: Huffington Post, “Rachel Harris divorce: ‘Painful’ split helped actress land critically acclaimed role,” March 19, 2012


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