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Dennis Rodman over $800,000 behind on child, spousal support

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman and his wife have been on the path of divorce since 2004. They apparently tried for years to reconcile, but their marriage was dissolved several weeks ago.

Now words comes that Rodman is way behind on making spousal and child support payments. Earlier this week a court commissioner told him he could be sent to jail for 20 days for contempt of court. He apparently owes his wife over $860,000. According to WPIX, it’s more likely that Rodman will get community service time instead.

Rodman’s attorney spoke candidly and said that Rodman is broke and an alcoholic. His condition makes it difficult for him to get work, she says.

Rodman, who is now 50, had a successful NBA career with the Chicago Bulls. But since then he’s run into some trouble. Police were reportedly called to his beachfront home some 80 times, mostly because of loud parties, and his expensive lifestyle has cost him over $31,000 a month.

When his estranged wife initially filed for divorce several years ago, he listed $3.4 million in property and nearly $1.5 million in stocks and bonds. But that’s apparently changed. His attorney says that he has no savings, and no longer even keeps a checking account. He apparently used his NBA pension to pay taxes, and still owes about $350,000 in back taxes.

Even for all he owes his ex-wife, Rodman says the couple is still close and that their dispute has “never been a hate thing,” according to WPIX.

Source: WPIX, “Dennis Rodman could face jail over child and spousal support,” Lauren Williams and Mike Anton, March 28, 2012


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