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What are the acts that fall under domestic violence in Colorado?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence

Domestic violence involves an alleged offender committing abuse against their current or former partner in an intimate relationship. The supposed victim could be a current or former spouse or someone who has a child with the offender. Moreover, they may be a present or past partner in an unmarried relationship.

Harmful and threatening actions

As for the offender’s abusive act, it does not always mean that it is physical. According to Colorado law, a nonphysical act can also lead to a charge of domestic violence.

An offender has committed an act of domestic violence when they did any of these:

  • Inflicting an act of violence: This pertains to causing bodily harm or injury through a violent act such as physical assault.
  • Making a threat to commit an act of violence: Despite the absence of physical abuse, threatening to inflict a violent act is also a violation.
  • Committing a crime as a controlling act: Any other crime that aims to control a present or past intimate relationship partner is a domestic violence act. Aside from being a way to control, the crime could also be a method to punish, intimidate, coerce or direct revenge against the victim.

Meanwhile, an offender also commits domestic violence if they violate a municipal ordinance or commit a crime against the victim’s property, including an animal. In both instances, the offender must have violated the ordinance or committed the crime to control, punish, intimidate, coerce or direct revenge against the victim.

Facing a domestic violence accusation

Domestic violence is a serious offense, and dealing with an accusation of it is a tough ordeal. Although getting a protection order restrains you from contacting the victim and going to certain places, it does not prevent you from giving your side of the story. With legal support, you may dispute the order, challenge the charge and defend yourself.