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5 clothing tips for a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

When you stand before a Colorado judge for divorce proceedings, your appearance and demeanor make an impression on the court. Your goal is for it to be a positive one. This is especially true if you’re hoping to win a child custody case. How you answer questions, address the court and the way you dress may influence the judge’s decisions.

When you’re laying out your outfit for a child custody hearing, you’ll want to keep several things in mind. In fact, there are certain types of clothing and styles that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Some outfits might not be helpful in winning the court’s favor. Others might even get you kicked out of the courtroom.

Keep this list in mind for child custody proceedings

The old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is also applicable in the world of fashion. However, there’s a time and place for some attire (like beach clothing) that may not be appropriate in other settings. The following list provides five keywords to keep in mind when you’re choosing what to wear for child custody proceedings:

  • Respectful
  • Clean and tidy
  • Neutral tones and patterns
  • Minimal accessories and cosmetics
  • Conservative styles

If you wouldn’t wear it to an important business meeting, then it’s likely not appropriate for a courtroom. Your clothing should reflect a respectful attitude — respect for the court and for the solemness of proceedings.

Steer clear of these clothing items in court

Never wear a hat in a courtroom; doing so might compel the judge to evict you from proceedings. Add the following items to your never-wear-to-court list, as well:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Pajamas
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Stiletto heels
  • Overly tight or overly baggy clothes
  • Anything that reveals private parts of the body
  • Images or text on clothing

Remember that you’re trying to convince a family court judge to award you child custody in a divorce. If you don’t appear to be taking proceedings seriously, or worse, if the judge thinks you’re disrespecting the court, things will probably not go in your favor.

Check the family court website for a dress code

Before attending child custody proceedings in a New York divorce, visit the court’s website. It’s common nowadays for courts to post dress codes on their homepage. If you can’t find one and are not sure what to wear, seek legal guidance. It’s always better to do so than to risk making a negative impression.