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January 2014 Archives

Colorado Senate passes tax bill for same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Colorado, although same-sex civil unions are. While the federal government is still trying to determine how to deal with many issues impacting same-sex marriages - or the lack thereof in some states - the Colorado Senate passed a bill that could change the way same-sex couples filed their Colorado taxes.

Study finds college domestic violence often tied to alcohol

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, underage college drinking and abuse are public health problems. The NIAAA reports that 80 percent of college students drink alcohol and that half of them had at least one binge drinking episode in the last two weeks.

Marriage education ballot initiative in Colorado meets resistance

A ballot initiative in Colorado proposing education classes before a couple can marry is meeting some resistance. The initiative wants those entering into matrimony to have 10 hours of marriage education before tying the knot. However, that 10 hours of classes is just for first-time brides and grooms, and widows and widowers. For those who want to marry for a second time, 20 hours of marriage education classes would be required. It's 30 hours for someone who wants to marry for the third time.

$130 million federal lawsuit filed in adoption case

When most people in Colorado think of adoption, they believe that the child is given up willingly by both the biological parents or that a state agency has intervened in cases of abuse or neglect. However, one man is still fighting an adoption that concerns his now 3-year-old son. The battle has been going on for as long as the child has been on the earth, and now, the man has filed a federal lawsuit seeking $30 million for the loss of a relationship with his son because of the adoption, and $100 million as a "deterrent to ensure that other men don't have to go through what" he is having to endure.

Will Colorado's new marijuana laws affect child custody cases?

With the new year, there are some significant laws that are now in effect in Colorado. One allows for the recreational use of marijuana.While some people were headed off to one of the state's recreational pot shops, others are more cautious. They are worried about the stigma that often comes with marijuana use.

Radio personality arrested in Denver for domestic violence

Domestic violence is not just a criminal charge that happens to everyday people. Celebrities are often charged as well. However, these cases often play out in the media. A well-known radio personality was arrested in Denver, Colorado, on Dec. 20 for an alleged domestic violence incident.

NFL player's arrest leads to child support case

Many Colorado football fans may be familiar with Giants' safety Will Hill, but likely more due to his skill on the field than his legal issues. Recently, Hill was arrested after we was pulled over. The motor vehicle stop occurred after the player's driver had committed a traffic violation. The officer reported the smell of marijuana coming from the car and observing what he believed to be drug paraphernalia. Hill, the owner of the vehicle, consented to a search, and nothing was found.

Millions racking up in unpaid Colorado child support

A local news station out of Pueblo, Colorado, recently did a two-part series on unpaid child support in El Paso and Pueblo counties. The new station reports that there are millions of dollars in unpaid child support in just these two counties. In the second part of the series, the new channel looked at how the child custody laws in Colorado compare to those across the U.S.

Tips for your finances after divorce

For the most part, divorce rates in Colorado and the U.S. have dropped in recent years. The exception is the "gray divorce," which is a group that consists of people over 50. In the last 20 years, that specific group of people has seen their divorce rate double. According to media reports, about 10 percent of all married couples won't stay together five years and 25 percent of all married couples won't see their tenth anniversary.

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