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Radio personality arrested in Denver for domestic violence

Domestic violence is not just a criminal charge that happens to everyday people. Celebrities are often charged as well. However, these cases often play out in the media. A well-known radio personality was arrested in Denver, Colorado, on Dec. 20 for an alleged domestic violence incident.

The man, age 60, is a talk show host heard on Denver’s 630-KHOW. The incident in question occurred just after 11 p.m. Police have not released the identity of the woman who was the alleged victim. However, the talk show host referred to her by her first name in a statement later recounting his memory of the incident. He said that the two of them were intoxicated and ended up in an argument. That disagreement became physical when the two of them struggled for control of a cellphone.

The talk show host said that both of them were injured in that struggle – although he claims this “inadvertently” occurred. He went on to apologize for his behavior, but also said that he believes that “alcohol was a major catalyst.”

The woman was transported to the hospital, where she was admitted. Police arrested the radio host, who posted a bond of $600 and was released from custody. The extent of the woman’s injuries were not known.

Domestic violence charges have serious penalties, including possible jail time and fines. Those convicted of domestic violence may not be allowed to own a firearm and could be subjected to a restraining order. This can have a serious effect on divorce cases where children are involved. Understanding how a domestic violence case proceeds through the court is important, as is having an experienced criminal defense attorney by one’s side. The advice of such a legal professional can prove invaluable when facing domestic violence charges.

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