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NFL player’s arrest leads to child support case

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2014 | Child Support

Many Colorado football fans may be familiar with Giants’ safety Will Hill, but likely more due to his skill on the field than his legal issues. Recently, Hill was arrested after we was pulled over. The motor vehicle stop occurred after the player’s driver had committed a traffic violation. The officer reported the smell of marijuana coming from the car and observing what he believed to be drug paraphernalia. Hill, the owner of the vehicle, consented to a search, and nothing was found.

However, Hill was arrested. The officer found that he was wanted due to unpaid child support. After paying the $9,184 that was owed, he was released. According to reports, Hill had earned $480,000 this year, but had not been paying his child support. The arrest occurred on Dec. 20, only 10 days after the warrant had been issued.

Though most parents in Colorado do not make the kind of money that Hill makes as a professional athlete, many custodial parents find themselves pursuing the other parent for back child support. Support agreements ought to be workable for the parent who is required to pay, but some parents simply choose not to pay. As in Hill’s case, it was not a matter of being able to afford the payment, but neglecting the payment entirely.

For custodial parents who are struggling to make ends meet because they are not receiving the child support they are owed, there are legal options to pursue. Reworking the agreement to make it affordable for the other parent is always an option, but in cases where the payments are simply neglected, the court can take over the issue, and warrants may be issued to ensure the agreement is upheld.

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