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April 2012 Archives

Marc Anthony makes split from Jennifer Lopez official

When celebrities decide to marry, all eyes are on them. Sometimes they even elope to ensure a private ceremony. If they divorce, they are just as likely to make the news. That's certainly the case for Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, who announced that they were splitting up last year.

How do step-parents or children define family on Facebook?

There can be a lot of uncertainty when more than one Colorado family combines into one unit. A son may gain a stepmother, and a father may gain a stepdaughter. How will things go? What will the family dynamics be like? Will everyone get along?

More states adopting 'virtual visitation' in child custody cases

Divorce can be tough on children, particularly if child custody arrangements preclude them from living near one of their parents. Sometimes a good job opportunity or a new relationship may cause one parent to move away.

Bristol Palin says ex owes $39,000 in back child support

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, made headlines three years ago when she and her fiancée welcomed a baby. They've since split up, and now Palin is claiming her ex, Levi Johnston, owes her nearly $39,000 in child support payments.

What are some good tips for co-parenting?

Divorce can be challenging, particularly if child custody issues arise. For a lot of divorcing couples, co-parenting becomes the new normal. Raising children separately, in two different households, can be quite tricky. If it's not done properly many children can develop behavioral issues.

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