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Divorce expos may be more common in near future

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2012 | Divorce

You’ve probably heard of marriage or bridal expos. Now there are divorce expos, and they’re apparently spreading across the Atlantic.

Such expos have apparently been popular in Europe for years, and now an American mother-daughter team is bringing them to America. The country’s first expo took place in New York City over the weekend, and it’s entirely possible that something similar could make its way to Colorado sometime in the future.

The two day event, titled the “Start Over Smart” expo and which costs $75 for one day or $125 for both days, offers industry professionals involved in divorce, including money managers, counselors and other experts. There are even beauty experts, cosmetic surgeons and matchmakers. In all over 100 professionals participate, and there are keynote speakers as well.

The mother and daughter say they got the idea when they went to a similar expo in Paris. One of them is a family therapist, while the other is a divorce mediator who herself is divorced. Both agree that having a collection of information at the expo could be beneficial for those going through a divorce.

According to MSNBC, they say that they want the expo to be uplifting, and to help let people know that they don’t have to go through a divorce alone, since the process can be confusing and isolating. And with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, they say there is a need for an expo like this.

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