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DA candidate faces charges of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2012 | Domestic Violence

All kinds of families are affected by domestic violence. Being accused of domestic violence can certainly damage one’s reputation and affect a career. For example, the race for Eagle County’s district attorney just took a notable turn.

A criminal defense lawyer who is a candidate for the district attorney position in the Fifth Judicial District was recently charged with domestic violence and harassment, among other charges, according to the Breckenridge police.

According to the Vail Daily, the 44-year-old man turned himself in to the Summit County Jail late last week. The charges reportedly stem from a domestic violence incident at the man’s home recently. What exactly happened that led to the charges isn’t clear. Investigators did not release details and a gag order was issued on the case as well.

The man is reportedly withdrawing from the race for the DA and is lending his support to a former competitor. His domestic violence case will apparently be handled by the district attorney in another district to avoid any sort of bias, since the assistant DA in the 5th district is also running for the DA position.

The man had worked as a deputy district attorney prior to opening his own criminal law practice. He also served as a judge in another court.

The consequences of the domestic violence allegations could have serious repercussions. Clearly, it has already affected the man’s career aspirations. People who are convicted of domestic violence offenses are sometimes precluded from making key decisions regarding their children, and there can be other limitations as well.

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