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Child Custody & Parenting Time Archives

Lead singer of rock band arrested in wife's murder-for-hire plot

The lead singer of As I Lay Dying, a heavy metal rock band, Tim Lambesis, was arrested for allegedly trying to hire an undercover detective to kill his estranged wife. Divorce paperwork showed that while his wife was concerned about custody of the couple's three adopted children, she did not appear to feel as though she was in any danger. The couple was to meet for mediation in order to discuss child custody.

Effective parenting tips during and after a divorce

The emotional upheaval from a divorce affects everyone in the family -- not just the couple whose marital ties will be undone. The children will be deeply affected by the divorce, child custody orders and visitation schedules. Many of the feelings of sadness and bitterness the adults go through are from watching the changes in their children. There are ways to limit the stress and other damaging effects on children during a divorce.

Bill's passage would strip rapists of parental rights

A bill in the Colorado House of Representatives would strip convicted rapists of their parental rights to a child conceived during their crime. The Senate has already unanimously passed the bill. Currently, though, rapists can sue for child custody in Colorado.

"Baby Veronica" case puts Native custody before high court: pt. 2

Last week we discussed a case to be heard by the United States Supreme Court in April, which could help shape how child custody matters involving Native American children are resolved in the past. The case involves a federal law that affects only cases in which one or both parents is Native American.

"Baby Veronica" case puts Native custody before high court: pt. 1

In mid-April the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States will hear arguments in a high-profile child custody dispute that could have wide-reaching effects for Native American children, their parents and parties who may adopt them. The "Baby Veronica" case, named for the three-year-old Cherokee girl at its center, raises important questions about parental rights and a decades-old federal law.

Home schooling at center of Colorado custody case

A single mother in Colorado recently won a harrowing child custody case, allowing her to retain custody of her children. Apparently a neighbor made an anonymous call to Social Services, which sent a social worker to her home to inspect it and ask questions.

Colorado child custody action: Getting out of domestic violence

When there is upset in your Colorado household of any kind, likely the top priority is the welfare of your children. Regardless of if it has involved any children, domestic violence taking place in a home could impact the kids for the rest of their lives. Families who are dealing with such disputes may be interested to learn about the options regarding child custody, if they feel they want to exit such an environment.

Judge restricts former Denver Nuggets star's visitation with kids

Any time a family goes through a divorce and children are involved, the family court judge will always side on what he or she considers to be in the best interest of the children when determining child custody and visitation issues. This is no different when it involves a famous NBA player once thought to be the best player in the league. According to media reports, the judge overseeing Allen Iverson's divorce and child custody agreement thinks the basketball star really needs to work on his parenting skills.

Marijuana law may affect Colorado child custody cases

On November 8, the people of Colorado voted to decriminalize the possession and use of limited amounts of marijuana. This change in law has sent ripples through the state's criminal justice system, leaving prosecutors and courts to grapple with new issues and legal questions.

Colorado parents: How international divorce could affect custody

Coloradans who have a family comprised of different nationalities likely know of the differing laws and complications when it comes to some issues. One issue in particular was recently featured as being potentially very problematic for parents of different citizenship: namely, divorce.

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