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Tips for non-custodial Colorado parents remaining in kids' lives

We've talked before some about co-parenting and how to maintain a regular and stable relationship with your child or children after you and your spouse split up. It can be especially difficult for the parent who doesn't get full custody. For those Colorado parents who aren't able to see their kids on as regular of a basis, there are a few ways to make the most of the time you do have with your kids.

Co-parenting study could affect divorced Colorado parents

Working with your ex through custody issues may difficult for some Colorado parents, but that doesn't make it any less necessary. The confusing and emotional aspects of divvying up time with your children often sparks heated feelings and can make the process that much more troublesome. For some parents, learning about how other states regard these difficult situations might help to see your options and come to an agreement you're both comfortable with.

Child custody bribe results in jail time for one woman

Child custody is an emotional thing to process and can be very difficult to discuss. Colorado parents going through a divorce have most likely found how trying a custody dispute can be, but there are some who will go to extremes to ensure their custody requests are met. One woman is making national headlines recently due to her conviction of bribing a 380th District Court judge in her custody case.

How to be successful at co-parenting after a divorce

Parenting isn't always easy when a couple stays married. Imagine how much more complicated it gets after a couple goes through a divorce. Aside from figuring out custody issues, parents need to continue to communicate even though their own relationship has soured.

What are some good tips for co-parenting?

Divorce can be challenging, particularly if child custody issues arise. For a lot of divorcing couples, co-parenting becomes the new normal. Raising children separately, in two different households, can be quite tricky. If it's not done properly many children can develop behavioral issues.

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