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Child support and Colorado's laws

Children have the right to financial support from their parents, and this often factors into a divorce and parenting time. As a parent, you want to make sure you get enough time to see your child, but how often you see your child and your custody arrangement will also affect how much child support you have to pay or need to receive. If paternity is in question during your divorce, this is when the courts will likely order a DNA test to determine if the man in question is responsible for child support.

Determining child support guidelines in Colorado

If you live in Colorado and receive or pay child support, you need to understand how child support payments affect you and how they're determined for your family. The Colorado Child Support Guidelines are used for children's parents who are divorced, separated or even unmarried. The guidelines make sure children receive the right care by making each parent provide a fair share of income and resources to the child.

Get the spousal support you need in Colorado

When you have relied on your partner to make sure you have the money you need to survive in your marriage, it's clear that you may also have to rely on him or her in the future as you try to get a new job and move on after your divorce. In Colorado, spousal maintenance, which used to be referred to as alimony, is the money that the higher-earning spouse may have to pay the lower-earning spouse in a relationship. This support may be paid in the short- or long-term following a divorce.

Child support: How to know your payment in Colorado

Child support is an important element for children growing up in separate households. Unlike many children in intact households, these children have parents who are living separate lives in different homes, so they must make an effort to provide care to their child through providing compensation and support through financial means.

More divorced dads seeking equal parenting time

In decades past, the mother was usually the one who got primary custody of the children when a divorce occurred. This was due to the man usually being the primary breadwinner in the household. That is changing, however, and more women are now working full-time and out-earning their husbands. Still, the courts seem to award the mother with primary custody, leaving the father to work hard to pay alimony and child support.

Millions racking up in unpaid Colorado child support

A local news station out of Pueblo, Colorado, recently did a two-part series on unpaid child support in El Paso and Pueblo counties. The new station reports that there are millions of dollars in unpaid child support in just these two counties. In the second part of the series, the new channel looked at how the child custody laws in Colorado compare to those across the U.S.

New alimony guidelines in January for Colorado divorcing couples

Sweeping alimony changes are taking place in Denver, Colorado, and around the country. Many states are still in the debate stage, but in May of this year, Colorado's governor signed a new spousal maintenance bill that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014. The hope is that alimony will be fairer than it is now and that it will standardize spousal support - similar to the way child support is set up.

Don't let your divorce keep you from obtaining a mortgage

Qualifying for a mortgage today may seem almost impossible for some, but adding a divorce into the equation can make it even more difficult. You may wonder if you will ever be able to have your own home again once that divorce decree is signed.

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