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Children of Divorce: The High Income Impact

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2016 | Divorce |

Two years ago, a study conducted by the University of Chicago and Georgetown University revealed a surprising conclusion. Children of high-income couples are detrimentally affected by divorce more than those of lower income brackets. The initial reaction to this was the assumption that the economic impact was the chief culprit. Divorce can easily damage a custodial parent’s financial situation. Though this change may have some effects, it is clearly not the core reason.

Potential Reasons for the Study’s Conclusions

Other theories included changes in where they lived and attended school, and how stressful this is for these children. A more popular theory is the idea that divorce hits the kids of high-income couples harder because it’s simply less common in this income bracket than it is in lower income households. These kids aren’t prepared. They don’t see it as often, and they may not be armed to deal with the breakup of their family unit successfully. They also don’t have friends in their social sphere to turn to for guidance, support and to share a common experience.

Moreover, the mothers in these situations may also be struggling to handle their new situation without the support of their own peers, as they deal with the loss of their social status. The ensuing stress then trickles down to the children. All of these factors may contribute to a difficult path for these children of divorce. But, the important takeaway is that divorcing parents can use this knowledge to help their children adjust and cope better during and after this stressful life event.

Lessons Learned

Help your children deal more successfully with your divorce than others in the past with the self-awareness that can make a difference. Be sensitive to their unique needs during these emotional times. Try not to let your own stress, unhappiness, and anger impact how they feel. Therapy and counseling may be beneficial for you and your children.

Remove the stigma of divorce. Assure your kids that they are not alone and that the change in their family dynamic does not mean they are inferior in any way to friends and family members. Make every effort to work with your spouse to ensure that your kids will still be able to enjoy the lifestyle and economic advantages they experienced while you were married. You are divorcing each other, not your children. They should not be made to suffer.

A seasoned Colorado divorce attorney with experience in handling high asset divorces can assist you with many of these issues. Your attorney can help you obtain a fair and equitable property settlement that helps you provide for your children after your divorce. This allows you to take care of them and effectively address any potential issues and difficulties, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.



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