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December 2015 Archives

What a Protective Order Does In Colorado

Many victims of domestic abuse or violence do not think their situation is "serious enough" to merit any help from the state or local government. However, that is the very purpose of a protective order: to prevent a situation form being dire or to the point of causing injury or a leading to a criminal charge. Colorado laws provide for this type of legal action. Do yourself a service and at the very least consider your options. Read on to find out what a protective order can do for you in Colorado. Then talk to an experienced family law attorney about your situation.

Is stalking considered domestic violence?

When someone mentions domestic violence, it's normal for the immediate images to be of physical or sexual violence. However, there are other behaviors that fall under the legal definition of domestic violence. It's important to be aware of these behaviors so that you can recognize the signs of domestic violence and talk with an attorney about your legal options to protect yourself.

Divorces using cooperation are usually finalized faster

In our previous blog post, we discussed how Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore's divorce was being held up because of pet-related issues. While that isn't an issue for many people who are going through a divorce, it is a good example of why you should be prepared for anything when you are going through a divorce. We know that you might have some questions about the divorce process. We can help you get answers to those questions.

Complexities of Divorce When You Own a Business

Having significant assets can complicate a divorce alone. Owning a business or multiple businesses? That can really complicate things. This is because a business can have both tangible and intangible values. Determining just how must value there is can become a contested property division issue. If this sounds like this could be your divorce scenario, being fully informed is the first step.

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams' divorce stalls over pets

While many people are concerned about child custody and child support during a divorce, with more and more couples choosing to postpone having children — or forego it all together — a new trend is developing. Pet custody is currently a fairly uncharted territory within the family courts since most states treat pets the same as any other kind of property. One example of the difficulties these situations can bring is playing out right now in the high-profile divorce of Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams.

What rights do Colorado grandparents have?

Too often, part of the collateral damage of a couple's divorce is their children's relationship with their grandparents. Of course, there are other situations like death, incarceration and illness that can tear families apart and leave grandparents fighting for the right to have custody or even just visitation, with their grandchildren.

Judge rules couple's contract to destroy embryos still valid

Infertility can be a very painful problem that affects many people every year in the United States. Fortunately, technology and modern science have given couples many options to attempt to get pregnant now or in the future, with one of these being in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization treatment involves implanting embryos, and there are usually several embryos prepared and frozen until the couple is ready to try a pregnancy.

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