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October 2015 Archives

Lowering stress during a divorce can help you feel better

Ending a marriage is a time of transition for both parties. Even if you were the person who wanted to file for the divorce, the transition isn't going to be without stress. During this time of transition, keeping stress to a minimum is necessary because chronic stress, such as the stress associated with divorce, isn't something that is healthy for you.

Man lives in lawn for 5 months after being kicked out

A rather strange story recently came out of Texas, and people in nearby Colorado may want to know more about it, as it relates to family law issues. According to reports, a man's wife kicked him out of the house. Rather than getting a hotel or an apartment, though, the man started living in his own front yard. He didn't just do it for a day or two, either, but for five months.

Are alimony payments tax deductible?

While it may not be at the forefront of your mind when you are in the middle of divorce negotiations, the tax implications of paying or receiving alimony are an important factor to keep in mind. Unlike child support, alimony can be deducted from your taxes if it meets certain requirements. Alimony must also be reported as income on your taxes as required if you are the one receiving the payments.

Preparing for a stepparent adoption

While many families have difficulties at first adjusting to the changing dynamic when a new stepparent comes into the house, others find that things are working out so well they begin to consider the idea of a stepparent adoption. Before moving forward on this path, however, it's important to understand the requirements that must be met as well as how to tell if this is a good choice for your particular situation.

How do I change my name after a divorce?

While most people getting ready to divorce are concerned about issues such as child support, custody and how the assets will be divided, there are smaller details that can slip through the cracks. For many people, getting a divorce also means changing their name, and this can be a surprisingly complex experience.

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