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Man lives in lawn for 5 months after being kicked out

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | Family Law Issues |

A rather strange story recently came out of Texas, and people in nearby Colorado may want to know more about it, as it relates to family law issues. According to reports, a man’s wife kicked him out of the house. Rather than getting a hotel or an apartment, though, the man started living in his own front yard. He didn’t just do it for a day or two, either, but for five months.

The standoff happened in Taylor Lake Shores, an upscale subdivision.

According to the man, who is 69 years old, his wife wanted to get a divorce. He did not. Since he had his name on the home’s deed, he decided he was not going to leave the property unless she changed her mind.

She didn’t, though, moving forward with the divorce process. It took months to complete, but, when it was over, she alone owned the million-dollar house. Since it was now her property, the police could tell the man he legally had to leave. When they showed up to do just that, he did not put up a fight.

The man had survived so long because neighbors would sometimes bring him food. He also did have to go to the hospital on occasion. At some point during the process, his wife even wrote up a sign saying that no one was to come onto the property to give him anything to eat, but they kept doing it anyway.

This is an odd case and the exact circumstances may be unlikely to repeat themselves in Colorado, but it still underscores the necessity of knowing your legal rights during a divorce.

Source: WTSP, “Bizarre standoff at million-dollar home ends in Texas,” Kevin Reece, Oct. 08, 2015


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