What are the laws surrounding a Colorado adoption?

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Colorado has state-specific laws on adoption that must be followed. If you’re interested in adopting a child, you need to fall within the regulations of the state and be willing to adopt a child who is also within the required age range.

According to the Coloradoan adoption laws, any person who is 21 or older is allowed to apply for adoption. This also includes those who are foster parents. This may be a helpful law for those who wish to be young parents or those who would like to adopt a family member or friend’s child in very particular circumstances. A minor may actually apply for adoption with approval from the court as well. Anyone who would want to adopt an adult to be his or her heir may do so under the law, and people who live with spouses may adopt.

There are also rules on the ages and circumstances surrounding the adoption of children. Children need to be under 18, for instance, to be eligible for adoption. In some special circumstances, it is possible to adopt a person who is over 18 but younger than 21. This has to be approved by the court before it will be allowed, but it is generally okay by law.

Adults can be adopted as well. They don’t need to be incompetent or disabled; any adult who can consent or is put up for adoption by a conservator may be adopted by another party. This makes it easier for those who wish to adopt once-children who are now adults, such as in the case of step-children.

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