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February 2015 Archives

Don't let custody conflicts cloud your vision in Colorado

Are equal custody rulings fair to children? Not always, and that's something you need to consider when you go to court over your divorce. Spending time with your child is important, but their well being also needs to be put first. If 50/50 custody puts too much strain on your child, then the court won't be likely to want to allow it.

Getting a divorce in Colorado? Save money with these tips

It's true that a divorce can cost you more than just your assets; the costs of a divorce could be $15,000 to $20,000 or more even for one with few issues. The cost of your divorce is based on how reasonable, fair and honest you and your spouse can be with your attorneys and each other. If you're in agreement, you may not have to go to court and could do a divorce for $1,500, for example. Those with complicated divorces could have a case that lasts for years and runs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Prenuptial agreements and your divorce in Colorado

Going through a divorce can be troubling, and it may lead to stress, frustration and even depression over how you're being treated. You may feel your ex-partner is unreasonable or being stubborn just to make you angry. In some instances, this could even be true. One thing that could help is if you have a prenuptial agreement.

Determining child support guidelines in Colorado

If you live in Colorado and receive or pay child support, you need to understand how child support payments affect you and how they're determined for your family. The Colorado Child Support Guidelines are used for children's parents who are divorced, separated or even unmarried. The guidelines make sure children receive the right care by making each parent provide a fair share of income and resources to the child.

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