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November 2014 Archives

Child support: How to know your payment in Colorado

Child support is an important element for children growing up in separate households. Unlike many children in intact households, these children have parents who are living separate lives in different homes, so they must make an effort to provide care to their child through providing compensation and support through financial means.

50/50 child custody: What's really fair for kids?

It's been argued that children shouldn't spend equal amounts of time with their parents following a divorce, despite the fact that more states are looking to provide more equal shared custody positions. A Nov. 14 report claims that there is a movement, and the Parental Rights Initiative was even proposed to require courts to give parents equal custody rights following a divorce. That measure was defeated, but why is that the case?

Your divorce and finances: Your rights in Colorado

Financial problems are a part of some marriages, and when they are, they also become part of the divorce. In family law conflicts, it's no wonder some people are aggravated; a partner could be trying to split debt that isn't really equal, or they could be burdened with debt that the other partner should be responsible for. Negotiating debt in Colorado can be complicated when there are business agreements or large differences between the couple's salaries.

How are debts divided in a Colorado divorce?

In Colorado, a marriage is defined as a contract between a man, a woman and the state. The only way to end a marriage is through the court through an official divorce. If you've heard the term "dissolution" when referring to the end of the marriage, that's because Colorado uses that term in place of divorce. It means the same thing. If you're getting a divorce, you need to be aware that alimony still exists, but it's called spousal maintenance instead.

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