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September 2014 Archives

Domestic violence consequences can be far-reaching

Learning that your loved one has decided to seek a protective order against you or is accusing you of domestic violence can bring up feelings that are likened to horror. You probably didn't see it coming. You may not have done anything that was even close to domestic violence. We understand the tough position you are being put with the claims made against you. We know that you just want to live your life without the stigma of domestic violence.

What is alimony and how does it function?

Let's say that a married couple decides to divorce. During the course of the marriage, which lasted many years, one of the spouses gave up their career so they could look after the family's kids. The other spouse continued working in their lucrative and demanding job. Now that the divorce is on the table, the spouse that gave up their career for the good of the family is wondering "how will I financially deal with my post-divorce life? I have few career opportunities to consider."

Scam targeted parents on both sides of child support

When it comes to transferring funds from one divorced parent to the other, many Colorado residents encounter a degree of difficulty. Whether it is due to a severely damaged relationship between the parties or a simple wish to avoid direct communications, many divorced parents choose to outsource the actual exchange of child support payments to a third party. In some cases, both sides could be taken advantage of by scam artists intent on skimming a profit from monies intended to cover the costs of raising a child.

Domestic violence allegations can have serious job consequences

Being accused of any crime -- including domestic violence -- can have long-term consequences, not the least of which is the career of the accused. This is especially true if the person who is accused of domestic violence or related actions has a law enforcement career. Understandably, it is critical for anyone in Colorado to take any criminal claims seriously.

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