Learning that your loved one has decided to seek a protective order against you or is accusing you of domestic violence can bring up feelings that are likened to horror. You probably didn’t see it coming. You may not have done anything that was even close to domestic violence. We understand the tough position you are being put with the claims made against you. We know that you just want to live your life without the stigma of domestic violence.

Having firm representation is vital for anyone who is facing domestic violence accusations. When those accusations lead to criminal charges, your need for firm representation is increased simply because of the severity of the consequences.

You deserve representation that protects your rights. We have a complete understanding of domestic violence, so we can work with you to come up with a defense that makes your side of the story known.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to make sure you understand the full scope of a guilty plea or a conviction. The consequences go far beyond just going to jail or having to pay a fine. Your rights to own a gun, even one for hunting, might be affected. A conviction or guilty plea could have an effect on how you can interact with your children.

No matter what elements are present in your case, we can help you to learn your options. We can help you to learn all the potential consequences before you go into a Colorado court or make any statements about the incident. For more information on your legal options, take a look at our domestic violence webpage.