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October 2013 Archives

New alimony guidelines in January for Colorado divorcing couples

Sweeping alimony changes are taking place in Denver, Colorado, and around the country. Many states are still in the debate stage, but in May of this year, Colorado's governor signed a new spousal maintenance bill that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014. The hope is that alimony will be fairer than it is now and that it will standardize spousal support - similar to the way child support is set up.

How contagious is divorce?

How many couples do you know have divorced recently? According to a recent study by Brown University, you may have a higher risk of divorce if one of your close relatives or a friend divorces. The study is the accumulation of data over 30 years from residents in Framingham, Massachusetts; however, couples in Colorado and around the country will find the following interesting.

Grandparents and their ever-changing caregiver roles

In Colorado and across the country, the role some grandparents play in their grandchildren's lives is changing. More and more, grandparents are now filling in as "mom and dad," and with that change there is an increasing number that face difficulties simply because they choose to raise their grandchildren.

Co-parenting with a new attitude

For many divorced parents, the primary focus in their lives is the children. Divorce is never easy, but it can be the most difficult for the kids. Many ex-spouses will try a variety of ways to make visitation and child custody work, but find they simply cannot get over the "emotional divorce." This is where you and your former spouse are always arguing - or at the very least - disagreeing. It can drag you down, but it also affects the children.

Court: Adoption allowed despite Guatemalan mother's objections

Most adoption cases are processed through the courts without any problems; however, there are cases where someone contests the adoption. Our Colorado readers may be interested in an adoption case in Missouri that was recently heard by the state Court of Appeals.

Health care reform could lead to increase in divorce rates

Health insurance -- or lack of it -- is often one reason that many couples stay together instead of filing for divorce. That may be changing, though, with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. According to one expert, a rise in divorce rates is not only possible in Colorado and across the nation, but quite likely.

Woman facing domestic violence charges after setting fire to home

Domestic violence is not a crime that only happens to women. Men are also victims, although this occurs less frequently. Our Denver readers may be interested in a story out of Colorado Springs in which a woman has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly setting her ex-boyfriend's home on fire.

New Research finds men's health seriously impacted by divorce

It doesn't seem like it's too far of a stretch to realize that one's health can be adversely affected by a divorce. It can be an extremely stressful time in one's life, especially if the split is acrimonious. Battling for custody of children, hashing out child support and alimony arrangements and dividing up property can all take its toll on one's health. The question is just how much can divorce affect a man's health?

The difference between reactive and proactive parenting

The challenges of parenting can seem insurmountable at times. Simply knowing when to say "no" to your kids can be difficult, let alone all the other seemingly impossible decisions you are faced with on a daily basis. When two parents are involved in each with the daily decisions, it's difficult, confusing and emotional. It's doubly trying when you're divorced, and you may often question what your motives are when you make your decisions about parenting time, visitation and child custody.

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