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Woman facing domestic violence charges after setting fire to home

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2013 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not a crime that only happens to women. Men are also victims, although this occurs less frequently. Our Denver readers may be interested in a story out of Colorado Springs in which a woman has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly setting her ex-boyfriend’s home on fire.

According to authorities, the ex-boyfriend was assaulted by the woman as she was trying to gain entry into the man’s home. He was able to escape the residence when she allegedly ignited a fire in the lower level of the home.

By the time police arrived at the home, there was no one inside. A garden hose was used by police on the fire until the fire department arrived and fully extinguished the blaze.

Police were able to locate and arrest the woman. She is currently facing burglary, assault and arson charges, in addition to domestic violence charges. There is no word on whether she has posted bond or is still in custody at this time.

Domestic violence charges carry serious penalties, including jail time. In addition, a conviction of domestic violence can preclude one from possessing or owning a firearm, or even making decisions relating to one’s own children. Retraining orders are almost always granted against those charged with domestic violence, which can lead to additional charges if the orders are violated.

No matter what the charge is related to domestic violence, the defendant deserves the right to a fair and balanced trial, as well as the right to appeal a verdict that is deemed unfavorable. The defendant is not considered guilty just because he or she was arrested. Guilt must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt. Restraining orders are used to protect the victims until the outcome of a case is determined; however, it is a defendant’s right to present evidence at that hearing, as well.

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