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June 2013 Archives

Don't be bullied during your divorce

When a divorcing couple includes one spouse who is in a high-powered position in his or her profession, it can make the divorce process intimidating to the other spouse. However, when both spouses are in the position, the divorce can become as much of a battle as an all-out war. The ultimate outcome will end up being more about who "won" rather than about fairness, equity or even the children.

Don't let your divorce keep you from obtaining a mortgage

Qualifying for a mortgage today may seem almost impossible for some, but adding a divorce into the equation can make it even more difficult. You may wonder if you will ever be able to have your own home again once that divorce decree is signed.

Charges filed against man for kidnapping son, fleeing to Canada

Multiple charges have been filed against a Colorado man who allegedly kidnapped his three-year-old son and fled to Canada. The father was found in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, in a motel with his son and was arrested. The boy was returned to his mother on May 28. The man was extradited back to Colorado. According to earlier reports by The Denver News Channel, the man had entered Canada illegally.

How do assets get divided in a divorce?

If you and your spouse have significant assets, it can be quite difficult to divide them up during a Colorado divorce. These assets might include houses, pension and retirement plans, businesses, stocks and brokerage accounts. Even if your divorce is rather amicable, it can still be a long process, and if your divorce is combative, it's guaranteed to be even longer.

Benefits to be issued to same-sex partners of military members

In September, same-sex partners of military service members will begin receiving identification cards issued by the U.S. government. These dependent ID cards will provide many benefits to same-sex partners that were once only reserved for married service members. The web notice about the upcoming issuance of the identification cards uses "SSDP" for same-sex domestic partners.

Use the law only as a baseline in child support

In family court, it's important to remember that the law is really just a baseline. It provides a starting point for negotiations between two parties, such as those divorcing or trying to determine property division, visitation, child support or spousal maintenance. The laws vary from state to state, so what applies in another state may not be the same in Colorado.

How to keep your divorce as simple as possible

Even when both parties agree to an amicable divorce, the financial and emotional upheaval the separation causes can make it difficult to keep a divorce from becoming "messy." Those who are successful in doing so are usually those who following these guidelines.

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