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Don’t be bullied during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Divorce

When a divorcing couple includes one spouse who is in a high-powered position in his or her profession, it can make the divorce process intimidating to the other spouse. However, when both spouses are in the position, the divorce can become as much of a battle as an all-out war. The ultimate outcome will end up being more about who “won” rather than about fairness, equity or even the children.

For some people, including those who live in Colorado, a divorce is nothing more than a game they have to win. If you’re preparing to divorce someone who will want to “win” at all costs, you must be sure you’re prepared before the battle even begins. No one likes a bully and that includes a judge who can see what your soon-to-be ex is trying to do.

First, you should make sure you’ve got some cash built up and tucked away. It can be difficult to do, especially if all the household finances are combined. Many working women have their own money, but an appeal in a divorce case could result in your assets being frozen. Speak with a divorce attorney to determine the best way to protect your money.

Second, make copies of just about everything you can find relating to the family finances and assets. Do this before filing for divorce or separation. You can find many of these documents at your financial institution or with your accountant, but realize your spouse could become aware of what you are doing and why.

Third, if you are divorcing a bully, you may find it is difficult to close joint bank or credit card accounts once you file for divorce. Your divorce attorney will be able to better advise you as to what is allowed by the courts when it comes to these accounts and how you can protect yourself.

Finally, you will need to simply let go and not allow your spouse to control you any longer. The sooner you can get your divorce case in front of the judge, the better. Your spouse will not be in control any longer — the judge will. Remember that no one truly “wins” in a divorce and the best that you can hope for is an amicable and fair divorce.

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