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May 2013 Archives

Good 'ex-etiquette' regarding phone calls during visitations

Co-parenting isn't always easy and it becomes even more difficult when there is a lack of communication. When the kids are at one parent's, what is the proper etiquette regarding phone calls from the other parent? While this may seem like it has a rather cut-and-dried answer, there can be some problems if the lines of communication - and not just the phone lines - aren't left open.

Should a woman keep her married name after a divorce?

There are a lot of changes that come with a divorce. Some can be rather significant, such as a new home or job. There are generally financial changes that take some getting accustomed to and of course, if you are a parent, divorce brings an entire set of changes specific to your children. One thing a woman will probably consider, though, is whether to keep her married name or change it back.

NBA star arrested in gun-related domestic violence case

Terrence Williams, a guard/forward with the Boston Celtics, was arrested on the afternoon of May 19 in connection with a domestic violencee case that allegedly involved a firearm. According to police in Kent, Washington, they responded to the home of a woman who is the mother of William's 10-year-old son.

These retirement myths can leave you with nothing

Retirement used to be rather simple. You went to college. You found a job, got married, worked and then retired. You were set financially because of pensions and savings. Your family law attorney would ensure that your legal paperwork, such for irrevocable trusts, was set up for your retirement years. Today, retirement isn't as easy as it once was and it is important to break through the myths to ensure you are left with something to show for your years of hard work.

Losing ex-spouse's Social Security benefits likely if remarrying

Do some senior citizens choose not to remarry because they will see a drop in their Social Security benefits? The answer is yes; however, there is not always a decrease in Social Security benefits when someone who is receiving benefits remarries. There are several rules that must be met, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

Lead singer of rock band arrested in wife's murder-for-hire plot

The lead singer of As I Lay Dying, a heavy metal rock band, Tim Lambesis, was arrested for allegedly trying to hire an undercover detective to kill his estranged wife. Divorce paperwork showed that while his wife was concerned about custody of the couple's three adopted children, she did not appear to feel as though she was in any danger. The couple was to meet for mediation in order to discuss child custody.

Child support enforcement vs. custodial interference enforcement

Most people know child support orders are enforced by the court. In Colorado, as in other states, a parent can end up in jail for failing to pay court-ordered child support. One advocate for fathers' rights, though, says there is not enough done for a noncustodial parent who is denied visitation by the other parent. This family law issue, he says, needs more enforcement in order to ensure children maintain their emotional connection with the noncustodial parent. This enforcement needs to come at the law enforcement level, but also with stronger penalties in court.

Effective parenting tips during and after a divorce

The emotional upheaval from a divorce affects everyone in the family -- not just the couple whose marital ties will be undone. The children will be deeply affected by the divorce, child custody orders and visitation schedules. Many of the feelings of sadness and bitterness the adults go through are from watching the changes in their children. There are ways to limit the stress and other damaging effects on children during a divorce.

Bill's passage would strip rapists of parental rights

A bill in the Colorado House of Representatives would strip convicted rapists of their parental rights to a child conceived during their crime. The Senate has already unanimously passed the bill. Currently, though, rapists can sue for child custody in Colorado.

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